Ear Infections

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Ear infections are a common issue with kids, especially during or after colds. It is painful and can come with a high fever.

While many get antibiotics for treatment,  the new medical recommendations are to avoid antibiotics in most cases (especially in kids over 2 years old or if only one ear is infected), as there is much resistance to antibiotics. Without antibiotics the cure rate is about 1 day difference, and this study shows oral antibiotics don’t have any benefit over herbal drops and herbal drops were more effective than if used in addition to antibiotics.

For natural, fast pain relief and antibacterial action there are oils you can put into the ear – after confirming the eardrum is intact– containing garlic, calendula and even plain warmed olive oil– the best is one with all 3.  The child can go to sleep easily as opposed to taking Motrin until the drug kicks in. I have seen ears cured within 24 hours. (Some use an actual piece of cut garlic resting in the outer ear or even around the ear like a hearing aid.) The natural drops are mentioned in this medical article.

According to this site: put some fenugreek seeds in any type of oil; then warm this a few degrees. After that, cool and then strain the oil and put it in each ear. About 4-5 drops of the oil in each ear will facilitate in eliminating the ear pain totally.

Instructions & Dose: Place 3-5 drops of the oil in the ear while straightening the ear canal by gently pulling the ear back and slightly up. In a baby under 12 months pull downward and out to straighten the ear canal. Keep head in that position for 1-2 minutes so drops can get down and stay there. Repeat 2 or 3 times a day, but can be repeated as often as child is complaining.

Many used garlic and other remedies mentioned here in detail. This describes ear tubes and antibiotics vs. garlic. Modern research supports its effect on relieving pain.

I use an oil formula containing olive oil, garlic, lobelia, and mullein.


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Female Formula

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There is a Female Formula, that unlike synthetic hormones, does not alter the natural events of the body. It is meant to regulate and provide the body with what is needed to maintain normal hormone balance and well being.

It is reported to help with infertility, PMS, and menstrual issues.

The ingredients are considered safe and not risky when estrogen is unwanted. Studies show that plant based estrogen did not cause problems like synthetics do with estrogen positive receptors (I have seen that shown with red clover).

Dong Quai Root, Wild Yam Root, Chaste Tree Berries, Damiana Leaf, Licorice Root, Hops Flowers.

Some details and dosages here.


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Natural Cure for Cancer and Chronic Diseases


website photo

Before you laugh this off, read this article about survivors that their doctors had given up on– but they are all alive.  Also you may not have heard about-  a cancer cure (video) in court for years and how much politics (and more) was involved. It just shows how afraid the FDA and National Cancer Institute fears this becoming public knowledge. (if you won’t watch the entire clip, watch at least time 1:33:50, and 1:40:37 with sources here).

This video discusses the history of cures and how we are ignorant of them. Another nice video describing chemo vs natural cures.

Here a medical doctor/ survivor discusses causes, prevention, and treatment that is natural and scientific. (time 37 minutes covers foods that inhibit growth.) He dispels the myth that this disease is increasing since we live longer and screen more. (as for the omega-3 and 6 he discusses, read below)

Cancer, Oxygenation and Omega-6 Oils: (I read research on this and found this to explain it only briefly.)

Dr. Otto Warburg (Nobel Prize winner) discovered the cause of cancers is lack of oxygen in the cells and the deficiency of parent omega-6 fatty acids. Experiments were conducted in 1953 & 1955, and undisputed since. This clip of a current researcher discusses it. They effectively increase the permeability of cell membranes to molecular oxygen by up to 50%. This is vital to cancer prevention when you consider that reducing cellular oxygen levels by just 35% causes cancer in most every case. The reputation of omega-6 being bad for heart health began when it showed it was part of a pathway for some inflammation related molecules. Research shows that parent Omega-6 oils increases oxygen transfer into cells.

Conventional ‘Cures’:

What conventional medicine ‘offers’ is to destroy the body and hope the patient lives, since they are killing  many cells and are not specific. (See more details here.) They also discuss 5-year survival rates, since after that point it may very well return… As for the CT scans done to keep track of the growths, they are known to cause cancer down the line…[Interestingly, the fact  mentioned here was linked to a site that now has no mention of it.} (noted by FDA in video above)

A study on chemotherapy drugs published in the journal Clinical Oncology in 2004 showed that the overall curative contribution of chemotherapy to the 5-year survival rates of adults was 2.3% in Australia and 2.1% in the U.S. These results are so low they may not have been statistically significant. The researchers concluded that,“… to justify the continued funding and availability of drugs used in cytotoxic chemotherapy, a rigorous evaluation of the cost effectiveness and impact on quality of life is urgently required.”

Our local health agencies claim that medicine is curing 40-50% of cancer patients- how they get that number is by counting benign cases and using survivors and other tricks, including anyone surviving over 5 years being considered successes, even if they die at 6 years. The point is we keep hearing statistics that may not be accurate, but that does nothing to prove what is really happening, or that real cures are working.

Check out time 1:39:53 here to see what the government says about current treatments. And while there, check out 1:33:50 to see what a former scientist with the National Cancer Institute reveals (same as earlier in article, but maybe you skipped it).  Basically they make sure all alternative treatments are always made to appear ineffective.

That is why my advice is to look into the following: (The following concept and programs work for conditions other than cancer, but this post focuses on cancer.) The smarter and more intuitive way (and one that is being used successfully around the world but usually quietly to avoid legal issues) is to fix the body and let it take care of the disease- which is something it can do if given the chance. Natural Killer cells are cells we all have that destroy cancer cells. It happens in healthy people, so they never know some cancer cells were around. Once the body is toxic or being suppressed (liver or immune system damage), it won’t do its job properly. Weakening it more with chemo, radiation, and surgery won’t do much to balance it out. There is even mention of using plants by our National Cancer Institute… But they make the disease sound complex so we should have to rely on doctors to help combat it, when in reality the process is rather simple and therefore simple to reverse/cure.

There is a 30 day Incurable’s Program that is used to cure many diseases- even when there is “no cure”- cancer (any stage), diabetes, AIDS, MS, autoimmune, etc. It is made and is sold by Dr. Richard Schulze, with my version similar with added formulas including the Essaic formula.

There are many cures out there, another being offered by an MD, Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez. They share the general principle of allowing the body to heal itself, but Dr. G. stresses the role of pancreatic enzymes. He has hundreds of people that have had pancreatic cancer living for years- even though you never heard of it (see article link on first line of this post). (Sadly, he passed away in 2015)

Dr. Schulze’s includes formulas to: 1-detoxifying the bowel (most have trouble removing toxins and fecal matter), liver (very important for immune system and removal of toxins), and kidneys to remove toxins which may have caused the disease , while making those organs work better,2-superfood and juicing for giving the body the best form of usable nutrition to rebuild and repair,3-echinacea (to boost the immune system), and other routines to stimulate the body’s own immune system and kill viruses and cancer cells.You can see more details: (like avoiding harmful chemicals and preservatives, drinking pure water, etc.)

There was another cure found by Dr. Rife in the 1930s with 100% cure rate, confirmed by top pathologist but the FDA confiscated it after being denied the rights to it, but look into frequency generators based on his research, including the GB-4000 with MOPA. (more about that in last link on this post)

links to more details

schedule looks complicated, so I will make it simpler:

There is juicing and staying off processed foods that apply for complete 30 days, and specific formulas are taken on a 2 week schedule:

First 2 weeks: Superfood (4 Tbs daily), Bowel (#1– dose every night, #2– 1 tsp 5x daily), liver detox (4 droppers 3x daily, and 2 cups detox tea in the morning, and detox formula- 3 droppers 5x daily).

Last 2 weeks: Superfood (4 Tbs daily), kidney detox (4 droppers 3x daily, and 2 cups kidney tea in the morning), echinacea (3 droppers 5x daily).

There are many foods found in most houses that help control or prevent cancer.

Full book online here.

CancerConfidential (PDF file) gives facts and what the public is unaware of, and cures.

links to testimonials for cancer

Purchase it from Dr. Schulze here.

This site divides the many cancer cures as to what type they would be effective for. (I am not familiar with all those mentioned, but that site is a great resource.)

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How to Avoid &Treat Hangovers Naturally

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The best way is to not drink!  But if you cannot help yourself and will do it, best to try preserving your liver and brain by doing the following (as suggested by Dr. Schulze):

In advance:  take milk thistle or liver formula
take a good dose of SuperNutrition that day


Make a mixture of the following, or as much of them as you can get:
8 oz water
8 oz apple juice
4 dropperful liver formula
5-50 drops cayenne tincture
6 droppers Brain formula
4 droppers Calm formula
4 droppers digestive formula


For those that don’t keep all the above in stock, I heard of tomato juice used for this purpose.  There are many ideas, with no experience on my part, that are discussed here.

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Teeth: Pain and More Issues

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Many of us know what tooth pain can be like, and would do a lot to get relief. These tips will help get you through the night or day (or longer) so you can get to a dentist or do whatever else you have in mind. There are also herbs that can prevent many problems in the mouth.

There are herbs that will soothe and numbechinacea tincture, clove oil or tincture. You put a few drops directly on the painful area, or soak a gauze with it and place it over the area.  This site mentions both and also advises a mix for a missing filling. This site has many more ideas.
Herbs used to tighten connective tissue, stop bleeding, and reduce inflammation to help close and treat receding gums: bayberry, calendula, white oak bark.
antiseptic herbs : myrrh, tea tree oil,  and some of the herbs above. This site has people report what they found effective.

You can mix the above herbs as a mouthwash to keep your teeth and mouth healthy.

Medically, the option for mouth sores is the “Magic mouth wash”: Benadryl liquid, Maalox (or milk of magnesia) in equal parts.  Dab on lesions or swish in mouth.

On the topic of teeth, I will provide some links concerning  the fluoride debate:

A dentist has some reasons to say it is bad. Did cavities go down because of fluoride? This site says not so. Here are graphs and things to make it look exciting/confusing. This author did research and presents both sides with a tentative conclusion that he is wary of fluoride.

The Journal of the American Dental Association study.

Fluoride and Osteoporosis. The long term effects of fluoride on bones is discussed here. A theory on the truth of fluoride , dangers and studies.

See  fluoride levels and when it began in your location.

Mental Health

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There are many mental conditions that people are labeled with, yet not much is understood (except neurotransmitter and brain size)  about them and they are mostly medicated to live with it. There are some that say they have improved from anything from anxiety to schizophrenia by diet alone.

Gingko is the most common written prescription in Germany and France, and its many uses include depression and dementia.  This seems something worth giving a shot as the options are to just stay on drugs and never get anywhere-except the psych ward (I did a rotation there and it was kind of scary).

I would suggest a bowel detox and good nutrition to start. If there are positive results the liver should get cleaned from the effects of the drugs (the kidneys if lithium was taken), and trying to get off the drugs for good. If a benzodiazapine was used and you want to get off it safely, the Calming Formula can replace it without fear of side effects- it actually has similar effects and prevents seizures.


Herbal Tinctures: Alcohol and Standardization

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1- Does one have to worry about the alcohol in tinctures?

On average, 30 drops of an extract containing 70 percent alcohol (see the label on the bottle for the percentage of alcohol) has the same amount of alcohol as one ripe banana. When we eat fruit, our bodies naturally produce alcohol via the fermentation process in our stomachs. (If still concerned, one can boil the tincture to evaporate the alcohol. I don’t find it necessary. I use alcohol-based treatments to repair livers and it works.)


2- What is standardization of herbal medicines?

Standardization of herbal products occurs when a specific amount of one “active constituent” in an herb is artificially manipulated to be at a certain level. This happened because pharmaceutical companies push the FDA to ‘regulate’ supplements and herbs when they realized the threat to their business. The claim is that unless they are consistently the same amount of “active constituents” in every dose the results may not be the same since every batch from different locations and seasons make them unpredictable.

The medical community (looked it up on UpToDate 11/9/11) says that plants with estrogen activity (like red clover) don’t have adverse effects as seen with synthetic versions.

I would say it’s nature vs man. We don’t know what all the ‘active’ or beneficial parts herbs contain to decide which the only part we need is.  Are we to choose one part and decide we know that is ‘it’ and the rest is useless? Plants contain so much in them and they work together, and by removing them they are unpredictable, as seen in the CARET study:

 The Beta-Carotene and Retinol Efficacy Trial (CARET) compared the effects of beta-carotene plus vitamin A (retinyl palmitate) to placebo in 18,314 men and women ages 45 to 74 who were either smokers, former smokers, and/or had been exposed to asbestos. A 28 percent higher lung cancer incidence and 17 percent higher overall mortality occurred in the group taking the vitamin supplementation.

Why were vitamin E and beta-carotene chosen for this trial?

Vitamin E and beta-carotene were chosen because epidemiologic studies have linked high dietary intake and high serum levels of these micronutrients to a reduced risk of cancer, particularly lung cancer. Both are antioxidants, compounds that may prevent carcinogens from damaging DNA and other cellular systems.


The following is based on herbsetc.com:
Research on Echinacea illustrates why the question of “Which one of the many constituents is the active constituent?” is still unanswered. In the late 1970s and the early 1980s, researchers concluded that the polysaccharides in Echinacea had many immunostimulating activities. Based on this research, European companies standardized their Echinacea products to achieve a specific amount of polysaccharides. Subsequent research revealed that alcohol soluble constituents were even more effective in supporting the immune system than the polysaccharides. It doesn’t stop there. Year by year, new Echinacea compounds have been isolated and identified.

An overview of the process of trying to standardize Valerian also provides another case in point. First, it was thought that the essential oils were the active constituents of Valerian. But when essential oils alone were administered to people, only partial therapeutic results were achieved. Then it was thought that valepotriates were the active ingredients until studies revealed only partial results again. Still later, valerenic acid was thought to be the active ingredient. More studies, same results. The irony is that each testing process actually supports the fact that the whole herb gives better results than any fraction of the herb.

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Vaccines: Protect or Harm?

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I was trained in the medical system and accepted much as fact, but that changed when asked to challenge anti-vaccine people. I accepted thinking there was nothing to debate. Only after doing some serious research beyond the CDC and FDA did I see how much is ignored or even altered to conceal the truth.

The following will not be told to you by your doctor, as they are not taught this. Be informed and make an educated decision. As in any decision in life, especially medicine, we are entitled to informed consent.(this shows how it can apply to politicians and not to the masses.) This page deals with some basics, but please do some more research on the topics below to decide for yourself/ children. (For a few quick facts see bottom of this post if you don’t want to look into too many links.)

As an into to the issue, this clip updates you on history of vaccine origin- smallpox. (5:20-20:00). Historical facts on smallpox. Charts show how vaccines actually INCREASED death rate (6th chart on page). The first 8 year old boy vaccinated died at age 20, perhaps from tuberculosis.

Myth: vaccines eradicated diseases and that’s the (main contributing) factor for better mortality rates.

Fact: According to an article in Pediatrics Journal (December 2000, VOLUME 106 / ISSUE 6) showing the statistics of health trends in the 20th century we see otherwise: “…Thus vaccinations does not account for the impressive declines in mortality seen in the first half of the century.” Here charts make it clearer than words.vaccines chart in us More charts from US and others. (When shown charts showing vaccine benefits, they are zoomed into the time they were available, but zooming out a bit shows the vaccine was not the reason as the trend was there before at the same rate.)






Myth: polio was eradicated with vaccines.

FactThe criteria to diagnose it changed in 1954(the government can do anything-video below 41:40) so it went down on paper, although more cases were seen from the vaccine. Idaho and Utah banned the vaccine as they never had polio before vaccines were used. It seems a doctor was curing polio using vitamin C but was ignored- it cannot be patented.

This nice (and long) video is of a doctor addressing the facts of specific childhood vaccines: the real risks, numbers and studies included. (for measles see time 2:27 for real risks and facts). This actually covers much of this whole post, including autism and avoiding vaccines (2:46:25).

In his documentary film Vaccine Nation, award-winning investigative film director Dr. Gary Null challenges the basic health claims by government health agencies and pharmaceutical firms that vaccines are perfectly safe.

A nice video “The Truth about Vaccinations” has doctors, scientists and politicians discussing the issues. (31:40 has FDA admit lack of safety testing and assumptions made.) From parents’ prospective.

Myth: there is no connection between MMR/mercury and autism.

Facts:   Mercury, Autism & The Global Vaccine Agenda : Dr David Ayoub M.D. (8:15- discusses ‘studies’ used to show safety by the Institute of Medicine). Confidential memo shows manufacturer knew risk during vaccine trials. CDC whistleblower on covered up connection. An Italian court awarded damages to autistic child but this never made it to US media.

Nice virtual debate with Drs. Paul Offit and Haley.

The CDC, FDA and doctors will refer to the Danish study that mercury has no connection to autism, while the author-Dr. Poul Thorsen- is currently a fugitive after misusing the funds. He was even paid for several future studies after being indicted.

The publication reports an ecological study based on the reported autism incidence in Denmark as recorded in the Denmark National Center for Registry-based Research (NCRR) database.  Denmark phased thimerosal containing vaccines out of circulation in 1992.  The authors’ premise is that if there is a causal relationship between autism and thimerosal containing vaccines, then the prevalence of autism should decrease in subsequent years.  Instead, the study showed a dramatic increase in the number of new autism diagnoses in the years following thimerosal removal, in age groups 2-4, 5-6 and 7-9 years old.

This paper has two severe methodological flaws.  First, the Denmark NCRR database changed diagnostic criteria for autism diagnoses in 1994 from ICD8 to ICD10.  This led to a greater number of autism diagnoses overall.  Second, the Denmark NCRR database changed the accounting of autism based on outpatient visits in 1995, whereas up to 1995, only inpatient (i.e., Hospital) visits were accounted.  This led to a significant increase in autism cases counted beyond 1994.  In a separate publication, the ratio of inpatients to outpatients accounted for by the NCRR database has been reported to be 13.5:1 (Madsen et al. 2002).  These two data artifacts (changing diagnostic criteria and inpatient/outpatient reporting) show a misleading jump in the prevalence of autism after 1995.  However, when these are corrected for, the actual autism rates in Denmark decreased by as much as 4 times upon the phase out of thimerosal-containing vaccines (Trelka et al. 2004)

Updated info to show links to autism can be found here,  here and here. This research group show monkeys given the normal vaccines developed autistic features.  A doctor has a nice and long presentation discussing the facts in detail.

Aluminum in vaccines can cause the same (more below).  Dr. presentation on this topic to peers (34:10 has nice study, 45:45 has list of adverse effects).  This doctor has a readable page on this topic, and this page brings up many common concerns and addresses them. Dr. Andrew Wakefield speaks about MMR and his research. This site-with videos– seems to keep updated.

Some have even reversed it by removing/chealating heavy metals (28:20 from presentation above), recent research from England and Japan point to that connection.

Myth:  vaccines are proven to be safe.

Facts: They seem to be causing deaths.

How about the SIDS connection now revealed and SIDS decrease in Japan since pushing off their vaccine schedule? More on SIDSShaken Baby Syndrome is another issue that has been confused with vaccine effects. There were parents imprisoned for years until this was proven. Read more here and in presentation mentioned above -48:25. New facts revealed from court order show data.

The FDA cannot say that vaccines are safe and don’t cause autism. (video time: 57:42). Further in this clip are quotes from secret meeting on mercury.

The CDC was asked if they compared vaccinated vs. un-vaccinated or noted infant mortality increase in countries with more vaccines. (the whole hearing is found here)

The original polio vaccine was contaminated and the public was never notified- now the government won’t even look if there is a connection to cancer. This page was removed from the CDC site.

Aluminum has never been tested in humans as an injection. Placebo vaccines use aluminum instead of sterile water/ saline which shows vaccines are not worse than a toxic substance…makes sense?!

There is an increase in allergies and autoimmune diseases including diabetes (with a connection made) in children.


Myth: Our government would not cover up the truth if we were at risk.

Factthis report shows otherwise. This CBC news report is informing about defenders for vaccines. This site has a summary of that.

This former British department of health safety officer gives an inside story about safety.

Unrelated to vaccines, but point of this clip (2:30) mentions government insisting on products are not always for our benefit. (they both have mercury in common:))

Myth: vaccines are effective and that even if there were  possible adverse effects, it is an issue of benefits outweighing the risks.

Facts: the vaccine makers should be the ones to prove that, but here we will challenge that:

Vaccines failures are too common and they seem to be part of death (SIDS)- would you call that a reasonable risk?

 This blog from Australia sheds some light on ‘benefits’ vs. risks.


Myth: It would be unethical to study vaccinated vs. unvaccinated, as the FDA/CDC state.

Fact: there are already those refusing them so they can be compared. This site shows some comparisons.

Vaccine specifics:

Mumps– is it protective or does it cause harm? This Dr. discusses it in this clip, time 9:38.

Measles and many other vaccines- do they offer protection? This site shows many vaccine failures.

The deaths from measles in the US from 2004-2015: 0 (CDC)

The deaths from the measles vaccine in same years: 108 (VAERS database**see below**)

Pertussis seems to not offer longterm protection according to a WebMD/ Medscape article: …”pertussis immunity is constantly waning, even if immunization rates greater than 90% could be achieved, it would not be possible to sustain high levels of immunity without regular revaccination.” A recent CDC report on research on recent outbreak. Even in preeschoolers the protection may be less than 50%. This page gives the real data and even treatment protocol using Vitamin C. Lately, studies show vaccinated people are carriers that may actually be the ones spreading the disease and unvaccinated are better protected against the most common strain in the US.

Statistics from US and UK from before vaccines came out show how it had not been the reason diseases were ‘eradicated’– like measles.  Check out the number of deaths from polio vaccine and polio itself. Maybe vaccines don’t even do what they claim…forget the safety issue. Notice the same trend for those diseases that have no vaccines available. Browse that link- it’s pretty informative.

Hepatitis B (studies on effects here) is given either before the baby is discharged from the hospital or at the first visit to the doctor. Almost all medications given to children are based on weight, yet here a preemie and full term get the same dose. How would one expect the infant to pick up a blood-borne or sexually transmitted disease?! It can’t even walk…(the reason NY babies get antibiotic eye drops at birth is because the State feels that all women have infections like chlamydia and gonorrhea.)

The influenza (flu) vaccine sounds simple, but how do they predict the strain months before the outbreak and think there is no drift and shifting- mutation of the virus during the same season? Sounds crazy to me. Dr. Geier discusses the risks and facts.  Does it even protect?  This Dr’s site shows not.  This report says it causes miscarriages and stillbirths. Here we see it was shown to cause fetal deaths but the official reports skipped that by ‘ignoring’ the 2009-10 spike when all pregnant women were routinely vaccinated.  A study published in The Lancet concluded that the flu vaccine showed no evidence of preventing the flu in children under 2.  This report challenges the studies showing vaccines are effective. The elderly that need to protect themselves have less benefit than advertised. This page has statistics and sources.

This quote from a clinician commenting to an article in the Clinical Advisor:

The influenza death rate is much overstated [“Influenza: complications, diagnosis, and treatment, p. 26]. According to the National Vital Statistics System, which records death rates from death certificates, the flu death rate in 2010 was 500. Of that total, maybe 10% to 15% resulted from influenza. The 36,000 total quoted includes all the pneumonias.
 There are many causes of pneumonia. It is very inaccurate to be quoting this same number that the CDC and TV networks state. Three years ago, the CDC was scolded for not having the vaccine committees of more than 200 people reveal their financial ties to vaccine manufacturers. More than 65% had some relationship with them. Does that create a bias to inflate these statistics? Look at the vaccine inserts. They state no evidence of efficacy proven and are not sure about safety with young children and pregnant women. What other drug do we prescribe that we encourage people to take on such a wide scale? Influenza vaccines should be offered for those who desire it, but please inform them of the correct data to make an informed decision. —PAUL BATTLE, PA-C, Denver (206-1)

You can even ‘take your chances’ if you think it helps and take the CURE for it

Some interesting ingredients in the flu vaccine is presented here as humor (time 12:17).

Some thoughts on tetanus vaccine are found here and here. (mentions that actual tetanus does not confer immunity, and vaccine has no scientific evidence of efficacy).  Side effects that patients or parents reported privately- there are many more…

Varicella (chickenpox)– do we need it instead of getting lifelong immunity from getting the mostly benign illness as a child? There may be a far worse side effect according to a recent toxicology report, or this report. The vaccine ‘protects’ for maybe 10 years, but will one need a booster? Are there side effects we will only find out years from now?

Gardasil– In 2008 Merck spent $93 million to market Gardasil as a prevention to cervical cancer, a conclusion their research never reached. They even skipped part of the safety trials. They even tried pushing it for boys-more money. Read facts here. Now there is an update on that vaccine here.  In January 2016 The American Academy of Pediatricians put this new concern out. Irish Senator calls the vaccine program a nation disgrace. Dr.-turned-researcher reports here. (starting @20:00).  A journal removed a study that didn’t look good. Vaccine ads vs. patients’ stories. The Japanese government stopped recommending it and there is a lawsuit in progress.

No conspiracy theory- just the facts: The doctors that bring this up are targeted by those concerned (Merck).

This site has too much information, but for more basic knowledge it is worth the time to browse through it.

This site is collecting data from unvaccinated children to see any trend.

Ingredients in vaccines, according to CDC. (there are 2 links on that page to view according to vaccine or ingredients) Oh, MSG is great in the body, as well as aluminum (Alzheimer’s?-see below for more), antifreeze, mercury, formaldehyde, polysorbate 80 and an assortment of other exciting stuff. They ‘voluntarily’ removed ‘significant’ mercury from most vaccines and paid millions to parents, but there is no plausible connection to autism and other conditions… This clip summarizes the ingredients and its effects.

Myth: the more vaccinated the population, the better chance they will survive infancy.

Fact: There is a paper on the connection between number of vaccine and infant mortality. US has the highest of both.

Japan had the lowest when they vaccinated after 2 years of age between 1975 and 1988. Their infant mortality rate plummeted. Their rate of vaccine injury also dropped by 90%.  In 1988 Japan began allowing vaccines before 2 year of age again. Their mortality and injury rate once again rose.







Nice paper on mercury in vaccines and autism.ThimerosalScandalFINAL. or here.

Transcripts from secret meeting in 2000, (link gives only some highlights and quotes from there, and still does not cover it all, as it is very long)-  vaccine research.The original can be searched, as it is too big a file for me to upload here.

Nice site for vaccine issues and links.

Back to mercury:

Thimerosal was eliminated in many countries 20 years ago. In 1977, a Russian study found that adults exposed to ethylmercury, the form of mercury in thimerosal, suffered brain damage years later. Studies on thimerosal poisoning also describe tubular necrosis and nervous system injury, including obtundation, coma and death. As a result of these findings, Russia banned thimerosal from children’s vaccines in 1980. Denmark, Austria, Japan (they raised minimum age for vaccine to 2 years of age in 1975), Great Britain and all the Scandinavian countries have also banned the preservative.
Hepatitis B vaccine contained as much as 12.5 micrograms of mercury per dose. That’s more than 100 times the EPA’s upper limit standard when administered to infants.

I now see something new:  New York State Public Health Law (PHL) § 2112 prohibits the administration of vaccines containing more than trace amounts of thimerosal, a mercury-containing preservative, to children less than 3 years of age and women who know they are pregnant.

What changed since we were told all along that there was no danger associated with mercury? It’s a matter of time when it will be obvious and it will slowly be taken out so nobody will sue while it is around. If you can come up with a better, more plausible, reason please let me know.

Aluminum is perhaps a bigger issue ignored since we focus on mercury so much. This site shows new studies, or at least newly published studies, discussing the dangers.  Dr David Ayoub M.D discussing aluminum being worse than mercury(19:45-28). He is interviewed by Dr. Mercola about flu shot and aluminum here.


To avoid legal issues with schools:

The NY State law remains:  (PHL Section 2165 and NYCRR 66-2. )

Religious Exemption

A student may be exempt from vaccination if, in the opinion of the institution, that student or student’s parent(s) or guardian of those less than 18 years old holds genuine and sincere religious beliefs which are contrary to the practice of immunization. The student requesting exemption may or may not be a member of an established religious organization. Requests for exemptions must be written and signed by the student if 18 years of age or older, or parent(s), or guardian if under the age of 18. The institution may require supporting documents. It is not required that a religious exemption statement be notarized. In the event of an outbreak, religious exempt individuals should be protected from exposure. This may include exclusion from classes or campus.

(ask school for a name if they don’t accept this so a lawyer can look into it)

This site has forms you can use.

NY State is tough on personal rights so this page deals with it.

**VAERS database: This is a ‘passive’ collection of reports that can be made by anyone, so this is not accepted as fact. However, the probability is that less than 10% (maybe 1%) of adverse effects are even reported as most are convinced vaccines can do no harm.

Some quick and simple facts and statistics:

Since the polio vaccine came out and it seemed to work, many opposed it. Two states banned it as they now saw polio cases not seen before vaccines. The science showed it reduced and even eliminated polio, but with some research it is clear why: changes in criteria including when symptoms occur and last and how many cases necessary for calling it an outbreak were made. The real numbers actually showed an INCREASE in deaths as soon as the program began. Contaminants were shown to cause issues like cancer soon after but to this day the government refuses to look into it. Dr. Maurice Hilleman from Merck was interviewed and said this fact.


Keep in mind the group responsible to monitor and study safety in vaccines are the company themselves, and we see this can be an issue. When smoking was noted to be a possible health concern, scientific research proved it was safe. Those bodies of science were funded by cigarette companies and intimidated anyone challenging them. This ‘safety’ clearance then allows the FDA to approve it and the doctors then ‘know’ it’s safe and effective. They don’t question or look into the studies as they are trained to accept the FDA as fact.
If you’ve never heard of the Simpsonwood meeting in 2000 or the studies disproving the autism link to vaccines then you may need to educate yourselves on the corruption of our medical community, Each of the 5 studies were shown to be falsified or irrelevant by scientists and doctors looking into the raw data. I looked into them and cannot believe how such falsehood can go on with innocent children and even doctors clueless to the harm being done. Harm includes many children dying from vaccines. More children died from the pertussis vaccinein 1998 then from the actual disease in what the CDC put in 2000.
Another eye-opener statistic: infant mortality rates are higher in countries with higher number of vaccines given. Making it more pointed is that when Japan cut the number of vaccines given to kids under 2 they went to the lowest infant mortality in developed countries, and when slowly introducing more years later moved down to #3, with the USA at 34rd out of 34.
The majority of deaths caused by vaccine-preventable diseases actually dropped in the 1940s even before mass vaccinations, but we are made to believe vaccines eradicated measles, polio and more. Look at the statistics by our government and it is provable.
The mumps vaccine data was altered, as 2 researchers admitted, to show its effectiveness.
In 2008 Merck spent $93 million to market Gardasil as a prevention to cervical cancer, a conclusion their research never reached.
Fetal deaths from the flu vaccine was showed to be almost nonexistent by not counting the years of 2010-11 (heavy push to have pregnant women vaccinated after the swine epidemic) when over 150 were reported. The study conveniently used data until those years – when pregnant women were not routinely being vaccinated.


Hepatitis B: 3rd world countries need it so we give it as well, even preemies, regardless of weight. In medicine that is never the case.
tetanus has no science that effective, in fact, most dying from it have full coverage.
diphtheria is very rare and we have antibiotics to treat it
pertussis vaccine was very dangerous and the new one can cause (“precipitate”) SIDS/ death (CDC about DTaP)
HiB vaccine increases the risk of illness. A study revealed that vaccinated children were five times more likely to contract meningitis than unvaccinated children. (Clinical Immunology and Immunopathology, 79(2), May 1996, p. 163-170)

prevnar: safety tests compared to older version, not to unvaccinated. they removed kids with side effects. There are no studies if it is carcinogenic.

measles: low mortality, if healthy and vit A. went down before vaccines. outbreaks all the time with most vaccinated.

mumps: vaccine not very effective anyway, very low risk of sterility

It is surely very difficult to accept in such a free country, but we are blinded by seeing facts when powerful companies as drug and vaccine companies are actually part of the FDA and CDC. 70% of the FDA’s advisory members admitted to owning stock in vaccine manufacturing companies. (Congressional hearing Apr 6, 2000).
54% of the “expert advisors” on the Advisory Board were receiving money from the drug companies.
To this day the FDA cannot say that the vaccines do not cause autism. (Congressional hearing on April 6, 2000).
Mercury is not the only issue, so if they are removed the issue includes many other toxins including aluminum. Aluminum is a neurotoxin and was never tested for safety
Until the vaccine manufacturers can prove they are safe, including when so many are given and added over the years, we cannot assume they are. The responsibility of proving safety in medicine is that way, but with vaccines somehow it does not. It is not the issue to prove it’s unsafe by anyone asking for more studies. Most cannot afford it. 
The number of parents (mostly educated) and doctors against vaccines is only growing. It is a matter of time for some truths to become clear, since there is no funding in the private groups of people to sponsor a study with vaccinated vs unvaccinated children- something the FDA should have done.


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Heart Attack/ Stroke

Cardiovascular events are the leading cause of death in the US at this point (cancer is predicted to be #1 soon). The good news is that there are simple and effective things you can do for yourself or others at home or wherever disaster strikes. (Sounds too good to be true? But if you never tried or saw it, how would you know?)

According to Dr. Schulze: “Cayenne pepper can save your life before a heart attack makes you brain dead. If you have a heart attack, and your heart has stopped and it takes 3 minutes to get 911, and 2 minutes for the car to get there, well that’s 5 minutes – and in 5 minutes your brain is dead. Cayenne should be in every emergency room in the country. But doctors won’t use it. They won’t use anything simple. ” (found here)


Heart Attack Immediately consume cayenne tincture

Conscious: 5-10 dropperfuls directly in the mouth. Sit/lay patient down, loosen clothing.
Unconscious: 1-2 dropperfuls directly in the mouth. Check for pulse and breathing. Immediately begin C.P.R.
In 5 Minutes: Repeat cayenne dosage in 5 minutes, and, if you have it, an equal amount of Heart Formula (1 part cayenne, 3 parts Hawthorn berry).

Stopping a fast heart attack when you are alone – from Alan Kaplan PhD, Professor and Chairman of Department of Microbiology and Immunology, University of KY. In such a situation you may have only 10 seconds before losing consciousness. Here’s what to do: Cough repeatedly and very vigorously. A deep breath should be taken between each cough. The cough must be deep and prolonged. A breath and cough must be repeated every two seconds without let up until help arrives, or until the heart is felt to be beating normally. Deep breaths get oxygen into the lungs and coughing movements squeeze the lung and heart and keeps the blood circulating. The squeezing pressure also helps the heart regain normal rhythm. (this is called ‘cough CPR’)

Stroke Immediately consume cayenne tincture
Conscious: 5-10 dropperfuls directly in the mouth. Sit/lay patient down, loosen clothing.
Unconscious: 1-2 dropperfuls directly in the mouth. Check for pulse and breathing. Immediately begin C.P.R.
In 5 Minutes: For both, repeat cayenne dosage in 5 minutes, and, if you have it, an equal amount of Brain Formula

I have read Drs. Christopher and Schulze say how successful it is, but I have only had one experience I can mention: someone had a previous stroke and asked me what can be done if it were to recur, so I gave him cayenne tincture to carry. He called me later on to say that he had the familiar stroke symptoms and quickly took the tincture- and within 1 or 2 minutes he felt totally normal again. (coincidence? TIA? Migraine? I cannot be sure, but what have you to loose?

The benefit of this formula is that in a stroke one has to get a CT scan to see whether it’s a bleed or clot, to decide if the clot-buster (tPA) can be used. Treating a bleed with it would be disastrous. But with cayenne it would help for either type of stroke, so it is a win-win situation!

Dr. James Privitera, who wrote a book on clotting research and treatment,  mentions: “Cayenne Pepper: Stops bleeding; stops clots.”

See more about bleeding and pepper here.


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A- Fib and Heart Failure

Posted on 12th November 2011 in Heart, Circulation, Veins

A-fib, or atrial fibrillation, is a condition where the heart’s rhythm is not producing normal pumping action to the muscles. That comes along with a risk of clots forming where the blood sits too long in the heart, and it can be sent to the brain and cause a stroke. That is treated with blood thinners like warfarin (Coumadin), which have to be monitored with blood tests and have  crazy diet restrictions…

There are herbs that were studied and are used for many heart problems in many countries around the world.

I found that the herb HAWTHORN was shown to do great in the condition, with little or no side effects, and it is used in many countries as a drug- but this country is still in the dark… You can view a meta-analysis : Hawthorn as a Treatment in Heart Failure.

Hawthorn berries and leaf : makes the heart muscles work more effectively and protects it from damage, like from lack of oxygen. It also stabilizes the heart from getting a bad rhythm (unlike the drug digoxin used for heart failure.)

Motherwort: regulates the heart’s rhythm.  Great for a-fib and other arrhythmias.


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Trouble sleeping is not fun and can make one crazy. Medication out there is not supposed to be used for more than a few days as they make you build a tolerance and you would need more to have the effect. Luckily there is a non-addictive formula available that helps sedate and calm you down.

The formula discussed here is also great for nervous disorders like seizures, withdrawals/addictions, agitation, pain, and anything else out there that may need some ‘down’ effect without knocking you out. Research compared valerian to a drug and saw that there was no ‘hangover’ the next day. So if you feel that skipping a coffee or smoking cigarettes will give you symptoms, this is the formula.

The details of the formula are found here.

Ingredients (click herbs to see research for anxiety): Valerian Root, Lobelia Herb & Seed, Passionflower Herb, Hops Flower, Black Cohosh Root, Blue Cohosh Root, Skullcap Herb, Wild Yam Root

Same ingredients for pain: Valerian Root, Lobelia Herb & Seed, Passionflower Herb, Hops Flower, Black Cohosh Root, Blue Cohosh Root, Skullcap Herb, Wild Yam Root

Hops flower: endorsed by Germany’s Commission E:  Anxiety, Insomnia, Nervousness, Restlessness

more on Passionflower. It has an effect on GABA receptors, which is what sleeping pills like Zolpidem (Ambien), eszopiclone (Lunesta), zopiclone, zaleplon (Sonata) do.

For emotional, mood, or psychological issues people have had benefit from nutrition and cleansing.

The Chinese herb jiaogulan is said to be an adaptogen-makes the body more resistant to stress.

There is a formula said to repair nerve damage: (found here and can be purchased at this site)


Nerve Regeneration :

Application: This Nerve Stimulative and Restorative Tonic is very effective for nervous system degeneration (A.L.S., C.P., M.D., M.S., polio, …)
Therapeutic Action: This will stimulate, repair, restore and rebuild the afflicted nerves.

Formula: 4 parts – Skullcap, 4 parts – Oat Seed, 2 parts – St. John’s Wort Flowers, 1 part – Celery Seed, 1 part – Lavender, 1 part – Coffee Bean, 1 part – Kola Nut, and 1 part – Ephedra/Ma Huang (optional).



Lung: Cough, Asthma

Posted on 11th October 2011 in Lung, Uncategorized

Coughs are one of the most common reasons for doctor visits, and are caused by many things including (but not limited to): upper respiratory infections, asthma, allergies, post nasal drip, acid reflux (GERD), heart and lung problems including tumors, smoke or chemical irritants, and drug reactions including ACE inhibitors.

Conventional medicine treats the symptoms in most cases, and sometimes give cough suppressants to quiet it- which may just trap whatever is clogging the system- which can cause a worsening of the problem.
It would seem more productive (pun intended) to help make the cough work to clear things up so that it will be able to finish the job. There are many herbs used over the years that help thin mucous and open the air passages to help clear a cough and make it easier to breathe.

The formula below describes a combination of herbs that work to open the breathing passages, thin the mucous, stop the histamine/ immune reaction causing the ‘attack’ in asthma, and soothe the airway to provide relief. I have used it for asthmatics to stop attack in minutes, and to take away the need to use inhalers for prevention (one was still smoking…).

My formula for cough or to take to help prevent asthma attacks: Lobelia, Nettle leaf, Pleurisy, Ginger, Mullein leaf, Comfrey root, Marshmallow root, Onion, Elecampane Root, Coltsfoot Leaf,  Licorice Root, Kola Nut, Cherry Bark, Fennel Seed, Peppermint Leaf. (click on lobelia to see how ‘toxic’ this herb has proven to be…)

DOSAGE: 2-4 droppers 2-4 times daily or more often as needed.


For acute asthma attack: Lobelia seed tincture.

Dosage: 2-5 dropperfuls of Lobelia seed tincture (for kids you can start with 5-10 DROPS). repeat in 5 minutes if not resolved.

There are those saying asthma can be reversed/cured.

Expectorants:   Pleurisy root acts as an expectorant and relieves pain and congestion in the lungs.  Anise is an expectorant that is also antiseptic to the mucous membranes.  Cayenne (capsicum)- The antioxidants in peppers support the lungs, and the capsicum thins mucus, allowing you to expel it easier. Adding a dash of cayenne pepper to teas has been a long time favorite home cough and congestion remedy. Colt’s Foot is both emollient and expectorant. It will soothe the tissues of the throat as well as cause phlegm to be expelled. Horehound– expectorant action.  Lobelia stimulates the nervous system and speeds respiration. It also helps break up mucus and facilitates coughing. (from this site.)

Suppressants (to use at night, but better when used with herbs that thin mucous): Black Cohosh, though more famous for it’s use today as a woman’s botanical, also helps allay coughs according to older herbalists. According to M. Grieve,  In whooping-cough, it proves very effective.” Add the tincture to your cough remedy, or drink black cohosh tea to quiet a nighttime cough. Comfrey root is more effectual than the leaves and is the part usually used in cases of coughs. It is highly esteemed for all pulmonary complaints, consumption and bleeding of the lungs. Research published in the FASEB Journal in February 2005 makes a strong case that dark chocolate can be a powerful cough suppressant. The theobromine content of dark chocolate may actually be a more effective cough medicine than traditional or over-the counter cold and cough remedies. Fennel syrup prepared from fennel juice was formerly given for chronic coughs.  Wild thyme tea is recommended for cough, hangover, flu, and sore throat. Thyme honey is ideal for sweetening expectorant herb teas. Thyme has primarily been used respiratory ailments for its infection-fighting and cough suppressive qualities. Valerian calms spasmodic coughing and muscle tension – mixes well with licorice, coltsfoot, and mullein leaf in cough remedies.

An easy and usually accessible way:  cut an onion into a few pieces and place it near your head/pillow at night to stop a cough- I thought it was crazy till I had family and friends tell me it worked and a local doctor tells his patients to do it.


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High Blood Pressure

Posted on 10th October 2011 in Heart, Circulation, Veins, Uncategorized


Hypertension, or high blood pressure, affects about 50 million Americans, with a $2.5 billion-a-year market for antihypertensive medication.

While diet, exercise and weight loss is what doctors are supposed to have patients try before using medications, I have not seen that in the real world.

Consider these possible causes: sleep apnea, hyperthyroid, stress.

My opinion is that the above lifestyle changes should be implemented, and there are also safer things that can be used to help with the pressure. Fruits and vegetables should be added to your diet, and juicing is a great idea (including carrot, spinach, beet), as well as fiber (like oat bran every day).

This site mentions some herbs, including garlic , hawthorn, fennel, onion, cayenneparsley, rosemary and some more.  (one writes “…Seven cloves of garlic the first night, six the second and so on…till two. If you maintain at two cloves, the blood pressure should be normal”…) (if stress induced: chamomile, valerian, hops, lemon balm)

This site has actual experiences, including APPLE CIDER VINEGAR with dosage of 2 Tbsp 2-3 x daily, and CAYENNE PEPPER (1/4 tsp powder with liquid 2 x daily and can increase amount as tolerated). I see that taking powder is easier on the stomach than pills that release all at once in the stomach. Take small amounts to build tolerance.

You may benefit from the HEART FORMULA (Hawthorn Berry, Leaf and Flower, Red Clover , Motherwort, Garlic Bulb, Ginger and Cayenne Pepper.)

Dosage: 1-2 dropperfuls (35-70 drops) 3-4 times daily, or just combine cayenne, ginger, and hawthorn.


Garlic and Cayenne for Fast Blood Pressure Relief:  Garlic is a long-term blood pressure regulator – you have to take it over a long period to see results. Usually you start seeing a difference and your blood pressure starts to normalize if you consume garlic every day for 3 months. Add strong cayenne and ginger to that and cures occur in 3 days. ( found here-according to Sam Biser/Dr. Schulze)

The Chinese herb Jiaogulan  is shown to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol. I am experimenting with it now and will update when I know more, but the dose seems to be between 1-3 teaspoons of the Jiaogulan tincture on a daily basis.




Athlete’s Foot and Fungal Infections

Posted on 7th October 2011 in Infections (cold, flu), Topical and Mouth, Uncategorized

Athlete’s foot, including nail fungus,  are fungal infections that occurs when the area is moist. Keeping it dry (powder, changing socks, 100% cotton socks) can help prevent it, but when it comes the following can get rid of it:

Apple Cider Vinegar– soak feet in mixture of apple cider vinegar and water (can be 50:50 or 2:1) once or twice a day for 15 minutes. It will burn a bit if there are open wounds/ cracks. According to many on this site you will see a big change within a day or 2. Another option is to drink apple cider vinegar (2 tablespoons of ACV with honey twice a day) and it will take longer to clear but is safer than the drugs used by mouth any day.

Oils: Oregano, Tea Tree, Lavender – they can be applied directly to the area affected, especially for nail fungus. (Some have a sensitivity to undiluted tea tree oil, so keep it on the nail, or dilute it in olive or other oil.)

For the nail fungus I would add pau d’arco directly on the area and also internally. The drugs taken internally are toxic to the liver and do not always work. There are many other herbs with proven antifungal activity mentioned here.

These people explain what they did to cure themselves, the routine and time it took to see results. Some are the treatments discussed above.

The remedies and dosages are offered on this site at the end of the page.  (In case you still have doubts, this site has most of what I said…)




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Herbs Vs Drugs


To Treat or to Cure- That is the Question

I am trained as a ‘Western’ clinical provider. I went into the medical field believing that medicine offered the answers to all diseases and ridiculed anything labeled “alternative.”  It was only some years ago that I was exposed to herbal medicine and saw the lasting, positive results without side effects.

‘Modern’ medicine, or medicine that is massed produced in labs, is quite new on the scene. In 1928 penicillin was discovered, and then pharmaceutical companies began mass producing the antibiotic and other drugs, and now we have a thriving business that is the biggest in the world. On the other hand ‘alternative’ medicine was around for much longer, but has been turned into an outdated and unproven way of healing. (“Scientific critics counter that “old folk tales” are no match for Western-style scientific experimentation. But the basis of science is careful observation, and that’s what traditional peoples have been doing since time immemorial–observing and experimenting with the world around them. In general, traditional people have managed to select the good medicines and have rejected the bad, leading to what we today call folk medicine. Most of these folk medicines have thousands of years of experimental selection behind them, and few are associated with adverse reactions. That’s something that you really can’t say about our modern pharmaceuticals, only a few of which have been on this earth for more than a hundred years. All too often, synthetic drugs turn out to be hazardous. This is evidenced by the number of pharmaceuticals that the Food and Drug Administration orders withdrawn because of adverse reactions.” original here) ‘Alternative’ medicine includes many modalities of treatment, such as herbal, homeopathic, reflexology, energy, acupuncture, and many others that I probably never heard of yet. In this article, I am referring strictly to herbal medicine, the way I have studied it (you’ll always find quacks and scammers in all areas of life, so I did hear of some dangerous detoxes.)

The following FACTS are some of what I found: feel free to verify anything here.

Dr. has nice page of facts here.

Goal- In most cases, medicine treats the signs and symptoms while herbal medicine address the cause and treats the person. That means that herbal medicine helps the body heal itself by strengthening it or removing the source of the problem. In the case of cancer, medicine bombards the body with chemo and radiation, which weaken the body, instead of finding a way to help the immune system do its job (more below). A healthy person’s immune system will naturally detect and destroy cancers that do develop. Herbal medicine offers, and accomplishes, curing cancer by helping the immune system do its job. (using medicine to stop diarrhea- your way of flushing toxins out vs. binding them to remove them.)

Safety profile- Herbs have been around for some time now, while medicines are cropping up all the time. When we hear of an herb causing illness or death, or even tainted with a poison, it becomes a verdict for all herbal cures. One can overdose on water- does that make it harmful? In therapeutic dose we see a difference. Drugs keep getting pulled off the shelves and lawyers place ads for helping sue if you took this and that drug. They also get pulled off shelves for contaminants, smell, etc. But then most let that go and move on to other drugs. How about drugs getting to the market for long-term use after being studied on subjects for all of 6-8 weeks- I get the literature from drug companies all the time. That is a fact. We then hear how Tylenol, Actos, Vioxx, CT scans… (I lost track already) are causing damage. I have seen patients improve by removing medications. According to several research studies in the last decade, a total of 225,000 Americans per year have died as a result of their medical treatments, making America’s healthcare-system the third leading cause of the death in the U.S., after heart disease and cancer. (This article is a study from the Dept. of Health, putting the number at ‘only’ 180,000.) I have not seen adverse using my herbal medicines. In more general use: Every drug has a list of adverse effects I had to memorize in school. How about “we need standardization so we have consistency”? Well, who says ‘x’ mg of a drug is metabolized the same in every adult? The answer is: it does not. Who says we need to know an exact number of mg of the ‘active’ ingredient if it works without that knowledge. By manipulating things we seem to make it worse for our bodies. We seek second opinions from doctors, yet one alternative practitioner is all we give it- if even that. Actually many drugs are based on herb ‘extracts’ or ‘active ingredients’, but they are never as safe and predictable as the ‘original’, G-d-made version. Herbal ‘extracts’ have studies showing that point (Echinacea, valerian). Even aspirin, based on white willow bark, shows nature is safer.

Efficacy- As far as cancer treatment, radiation and chemotherapy can cause secondary cancers even several years after treatment, including cancer of the bone marrow and lymph nodes. A study on chemotherapy drugs was published in the journal Clinical Oncology in 2004. Australian researchers searched the medical literature in both Australia and the U.S. which showed that the overall curative contribution of chemotherapy to the 5-year survival rates of adults was 2.3% in Australia and 2.1% in the U.S. (These results are so low they may not have been statistically significant. The researchers concluded that,“… to justify the continued funding and availability of drugs used in cytotoxic chemotherapy, a rigorous evaluation of the cost effectiveness and impact on quality of life is urgently required.” Our local health agencies claim that medicine is curing 40-50% of cancer patients-but how they get that number is too lengthy to discuss here. With herbal and other ‘alternative’ cures, many were done on terminal stages where ‘modern’ medicine had given up on. (You can read examples here ). Why those modalities are not used earlier or before they are ‘hopeless’ is ignorance, because most people are not suicidal. It is only the ones that have to hide it from the public that keep it a secret. (More on that later on.)

Cost- I am surprised when I hear claims that alternative practitioners are all greedy and out to make money from foolish people. While there are some quacks in every field, that is just a random statement without facts or details. There are treatments for cancer that cost less than $500. I happen to make my own formulas to reduce the cost for others, and someone told me my product is cheaper than the co-payment for the drug it replaced! I even post my recipes online. The fact drugs are mass produced makes it possible to keep cheap, but I don’t think they are (yes, aspirin is-thanks you). Try paying for drugs without insurance. Try having your carrier cover herbs and then compare. Did you know there is a push to have all healthy people on blood pressure drugs? As noted below, who is covering up the real cures so money will keep flowing until the patient dies? Who is trying to make money? How does cost even come into the picture of life and death?

Trend- There are many doctors and professionals moving away from ‘mainstream’ and seeing ‘alternatives’, as well as many ‘modern’ countries using herbs as approved drugs. Ginkgo accounts for 1.2% and 1.5% of total prescription sales in Germany and France respectively. Sales levels are 20% ahead of the next highest selling medicines, and are growing at about 15% annually. Did you hear of anyone switching back from natural cures to ‘modern’ drugs? They know of the ‘alternative’ and it’s readily available. I have researched herbs approved elsewhere, which were based on scientific research, yet are unheard of here. Why? And why is there persecution and spending going into destroying the cures that do the job (see below for details)? If a few crazies want to spend their own money on worthless treatment, why not let them choose that? Let them die out and then medicine will rule again. There is a fear of letting that take place. Read on if you doubt it and think this is a conspiracy theory. It is reality and no argument will change that. There is too much money and power to lose if these cures are made public, and so much has been- and is being- put into cancer research with nothing much to show. (Look into how smoking was ‘proven’ to be harmless- and who paid for that and the methods used.)

The United States spends twice as much on health care per capita ($7,129) than any other country . . . and spending continues to increase. In 2005, the national health care expenditures totaled $2 trillion. (Source: National Center for Health Statistics)

The United States ranks 43rd in lowest infant mortality rate, down from 12th in 1960 and 21st in 1990. (Source: CIA Factbook (2008)

Life expectancy in the US ranks 47th in highest total life expectancy compared to other countries. (Source: CIA Factbook (2008)

We spend the most but don’t show much for it. Curiously, there are many doctors and specialists in their respective fields claiming there are cures they have found, but instead of shifting the funds to them, the money went to lawyers and others places to keep them from having the public get access to them. The ones offering real cures are prevented from doing so. Hard to believe? The following is just the tip of the iceberg:

There is a cure for anything from the common cold to cancers. There are ways to repair the liver with herbs (You cannot argue these points unless you replicate my work); not only does medicine not have that feature, but most medications actually damage it (common ones are statins for cholesterol and antifungals). The rest usually get the kidneys.

Now the actual, scary facts:  There have been many cures found for cancer (including terminal stage that ‘modern’ doctors gave up on) that were and are being kept from the public. If you believe for one second that nobody, including our noble and respectable FDA, AMA, etc. would do that, there is much for you to look into and become informed (or hide from reality and feel good). The following are only some I have heard from. (If you have never heard of these names, please look into at least 3 before deciding you know the whole story and comment prematurely.) The following is a powerful statement: “In the entire history of man, no one has ever been brainwashed and realized, or believed, that he had been brainwashed. Those who have been brainwashed will usually passionately defend their manipulators.” – Dick Sutphen

Dr. Burzynski cured too many cancer patients that he has been dealing with lawyers instead of patients. The FDA tried manipulating the state to revoke his medical license, but not because of the method not working or doing any harm…please read up on it and educate yourself or watch a revealing video here. Dr. Nicholas James Gonzalez, M.D., still practices in NY, and has cured hundreds of pancreatic cancer patients. Oh, and he is not using conventional methods. Why did you not hear of them? They submitted their finding many years back. Dr. Richard Schulze had a clinic in NY and CA and it was closed when he cured many ‘incurable’ conditions. Luckily he still sells his formulas online.

[The following are short quotes from a much larger work by Dr Keith Scott-Mumby- the book can be viewed in the topic ‘Cancer‘:

Dr. Max Gerson, Censured for Curing Cancer). 50% cure with terminal patients

“On two occasions Gerson became violently ill…Lab tests showed…arsenic in his urine. Some of Gerson’s best case histories mysteriously disappeared from his files…Gerson was invited on a talk show by host Long John Nebel…Nebel was fired the very next day and the radio network was threatened by the AMA.”–Norman Fritz.

Gaston Naessens’s trip to hell was a direct consequence of his having dared to wander into scientific incognita…In 1985 he was indicted on several counts, the most serious of which carried a potential sentence of life imprisonment.” –Christopher Bird.

“Over the next three years, Krebiozin was destroyed. But to destroy Krebiozin you first had to destroy Andrew Ivy. How do you destroy the most influential, respected scientist in the United States? You get friends in the media. You get rid of his academic affiliations. You start a whisper campaign. And next thing you know, nobody wants to know the man. It took about five years, then they brought him up on a trial of fraud. It was at that point the longest medical trial in the United States’ history. At the end of it, the jury found Ivy and the Durovic brothers innocent. Not only that, but they found the FDA irresponsible. And the jury actually made a statement, which is rare, about the contempt that the FDA had for honesty in what it did at trial.”—Gary Null

“Throughout his career Dr John R. Christopher spent his life in and out of court and in and out of jail. He was handcuffed and taken away after one of his lectures for giving herbs to ease the suffering of a woman with terminal cancer. Usually the jury acquitted him against the instructions. Finally in 1969 he was not so lucky and was given a suspended sentence, because prescribing (suggesting herbs) without a license was a felony. —Dr Richard Shulze, N.D.

“Medicine in our country has been on a crusade over the last 100 years to wipe out every other form of medicine. One of the things they did that was unique was they lobbied to make words legal only for them to use. Today in the US, only a medical doctor can diagnose a disease, prescribe something, and cure you. Nobody else can say “diagnose”, “prescribe” and “cure”. That means that nobody can cure you but a medical doctor….I can’t say “Chaparral is the cure for a tumor”….—Dr Richard Shulze, ND.

“After presenting a rather effective lecture on cancer…the windshield was shot out of my car on the road back to San Francisco. The next night the glass window in the tail gate was shot out (300 miles removed from the first shooting). The police said, ‘maybe someone is trying to tell you something’. The late Arthur Harris, M.D. was threatened by two men with assassination if he continued to use laetrile. Since that time we have de-centralised the work so that, if any two of us are shot out of the saddle, it will have only a slight negative effect on the program.”—Dr. Krebs

Dr Johnson died in 1944. The suspicion exists that he was silenced…However two federal inspectors did examine his hospital record in the late 1950’s. They concluded it was likely that he was poisoned.”–Barry Lynes

The five year cancer survival statistics of the American Cancer Society are very misleading. They now count things that are not cancer, and, because we are able to diagnose at an earlier stage of the disease, patients falsely appear to live longer. Our whole cancer research in the past 20 years has been a failure. More people over 30 are dying from cancer than ever before…More women with mild or benign diseases are being included in statistics and reported as being “cured”. When government officials point to survival figures and say they are winning the war against cancer they are using those survival rates improperly.”—Dr J. Bailer, New England Journal of Medicine

“We have a multi-billion dollar industry that is killing people, right and left, just for financial gain. Their idea of research is to see whether two doses of this poison is better than three doses of that poison.” —Glen Warner, M.D. oncologist (his license was eventually revoked). END QUOTE]

Herbs during Pregnancy, Nursing and PCOS

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Herbs are natural and are used as foods and medicines. Like anything else, including water, one can overdose and have adverse effects. People have died from too much water.

In pregnancy there is an issue as the FDA and most organizations will put a blanket statement like “there is not enough research so avoid during pregnancy or breastfeeding”, or “ask your doctor before using”- as if he or she even knows about it… I have seen the same herb listed as helpful and as one to avoid just to keep it confusing. To get any real information one should do their own research before letting a doctor say to avoid it.

I have had people do detox programs during pregnancy with no ill effects. I will mention specific herbs, but there are so many out there I may not be familiar with, so feel free to research those, looking for actual scientific research.


Morning sickness/ nausea : Ginger (it was shown to be safe and prevent contractions, unlike the rumors that it can cause contractions.)

Varicose veins: butcher’s broom is shown to be beneficial and safe.

There are those saying that laxatives CAN, in theory, cause muscle contractions that may cause uterine contractions/ premature labor, but that has never been documented. If constipated, I would take enough laxative to deal with it by working up to a helpful dose. That is better that retaining toxins. Senna (found in this formula) is a laxative and most warn against its use, so use with caution.

Immune stimulating herbs (echinacea, goldenseal, others) are another concern for many, with the worry that it may work against the embryo. The immune system is different in pregnancy in ways not fully understood (it may be blocked, at least locally, in relation to the embryo), so there is no conclusion with those. I feel that in normal doses it should not be a problem.

This list I found on another site:

Blue Cohosh (it is used when labor has begun to speed things up. editor’s note)
Golden Seal
Black Cohosh
Blue Flag
Cotton Root Bark

Emmenagogues: (Induces loss of uterine lining — may cause miscarriage.)
Angelica spp.
Basil, oregano, marjoram (Okay in “normal” amounts, used as spices)
Black Cohosh (last six weeks okay)
Blue Cohosh (last six weeks okay)
Ginger (okay in “normal” amounts)– see above about studies showing no issues- editor’s note.
Motherwort (OK in small doses)
Squaw Vine (small amounts okay)
Shepard’s Purse (used after delivery to control bleeding- editor’s note)
Wormwood ——end quote

The following sites will give more specifics to what herbs are safe ( it was used longer than most drugs out there), or what are the herbs to use cautiously or avoid for specific reasons.

This botanist lists herbs useful during these times.

Susun Weed discusses herbs to use and avoid

This site has a list to avoid (not that I agree with all…laxatives like senna have never been shown to induce labor, but in theory anything can happen…)


Blue Cohosh is used to help with contractions. The dose I have heard by someone with much experience is 15 drops, repeated after 15 minutes if no changes occur. (sounds like Pitocin use)

For postpartum bleeding you can use cayenne pepper locally and/or internally.


Some herbs are used to increase milk supply: (begin with lower dose and work way up to effective dose)

Blessed thistle:  some recommend combining this and fenugreek.

up to 20 drops of tincture, 2-4 times daily

Side effects
:  Anyone with allergies to plants in the daisy family should use blessed thistle cautiously.

Blessed thistle is one of the more commonly used galactagogues. Can be taken in combination with red raspberry, alfalfa, marshmallow, and fenugreek.

Hale notes that blessed thistle is “virtually nontoxic, with only occasional suggestions that high doses may indice GI symptoms.” Lactation Risk Category is L3 (moderately safe). He does not warn against use during pregnancy.


Fenugreek: very effective, may cause gas in infant (which may pass after a few days), may give urine a maple smell.

              7-14 capsules (total) per day/

Goat’s Rue: effective, and I have not heard of side effects.

           Tincture: 20 to 40 drops (2-4 ml) 2-3 times per day
Goat’s rue remains a popular galactogogue herb for French women and no problems in humans have been reported either anecdotally or in    the literature. Herbalists with actual clinical experience with goat’s rue remain comfortable with its use.

Nettle Leaf, Fennel and others are mentioned, but I won’t go into details…yet.  



This is an issue effecting 10% of women and the main cause of infertility. I have done some research and had a few patients with it.  Hope this helps.

This formula is to balance the hormones naturally, not actual hormones. (The dose is later on that page.)

This site has what people have tried and the results.

One person told me her friend improved with acupuncture. (but make sure it is a reputable one if you don’t want to walk away with a cracked back or neck…)


Eczema/ Skin Issues/ Burns

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From my personal experience and research, getting to the root of the problem is the goal, as opposed to trying to treat the skin issue. It seems this skin manifestation is the result of toxins the body is not getting rid of in the normal way. It can be constipation, liver issues, and maybe allergies. (It may not be ‘skin deep’.)

These are great for skin issues:

Aloe vera is a natural moisturizer and skin protectant, and it can also be taken internally. This site mentions its uses.

Burdock root can be applied on the skin and/or taken by mouth. This site gives a holistic background to this issue. Another site for ideas.

Apple Cider Vinegar– also topical and internal.  In dermatology I was taught vinegar is great for dry skin conditions. I have used this myself and it really does help itching when used topically. This site explains more.  Read what people experienced using this.

Slippery Elm: regenerates tissue, soothes skin and mucous membranes, so also great for mouth and intestinal problems. Can be used topically. (University of Maryland Medical Center)

Marshmallow Root soothes irritated skin. This site gives info.

Oregon Grape helps clear skin issues, and  is part of the liver formula below.

Honey, raw: showed to prevent infection in burns, ulcers and improve wound healing. Approved as ‘drug’ for use in US (under brand name of course). seemed to be better than Silvadene and antibiotics when compared in studies measuring healing time and infection rates.


My cream is made of: olive oil, beeswax, shea butter, aloe, slippery elm, arnica, celandula, burdock root, lavender oil, and some other secret (and sometimes changing) herbs.

It works well for protecting and repairing irritated or damaged skin. In 1-2 days I have seen it clear severe eczema and other skin irritations.  I am told it has helped psoriasis as well.


My opinion is to ‘detox’ the body and let it heal itself, which it is able to do.  This includes cleaning the colon, liver, and providing good nutrition. (The condition may be the result of the first-line filter not working properly, namely the liver, and if there is no proper elimination of stool, there is a buildup of toxins.)

These things are not dangerous and scary as the word ‘detox’ sounds, and I have had many use them without side effects. I have done many of the above to treat my dyshidrotic eczema so I cannot tell which is what did it, but since there is no cure according to ‘modern’ medicine, trying the above is a better start.

This eBook is the beat eczema/ APPLE CURE.

This ebook: NatureCures discusses many issues including eczema.



1- COOL the burn with running water or ice if there is no open wound, and if open wrap in something clean/sterile and apply ice on top.

2- After it cooled and the burning process has stopped, apply aloe vera gel, lavender oil, and even wrapping area in aluminum foil to take away the pain that lingers. It may sound crazy, but I have given this advice and minutes later hear that it really works.



This site gives 2 similar home remedies using apple cider vinegar claiming to get rid of this issue in a matter of days.



Garlic is shown to get rid of warts when applying either a slice of a clove or rubbing fresh garlic over the area and covering it overnight. It takes a week or 2, but results can be noted in days. This has even been noted in medical studies, and seen on Medscape (may need to log in): “Raw garlic cloves have been demonstrated to have antiviral activity. This can be rubbed onto the wart nightly, followed by occlusion.” (Silverberg NB. Garlic cloves for verruca vulgaris. Pediatr Dermatol. Mar-Apr 2002;19(2):183)

Apply skin protectant like vaseline or zinc to surrounding skin so it won’t get irritated.


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Weight Loss- is it possible to keep it off?

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Weight loss is a major topic as it is a major problem these days. Childhood obesity is rising, and the rich are not the ones it is limited to.

All the weight loss diets out there are so confusing and with all the promises and money back guarantees…but do they keep the weight off? Most are just short term by making one lose water content. I am not sure there is a quick-fix, but have read about the issue and will provide it for those interested:

It seems that burning more than you take in makes the most sense to loose weight, and that would be through exercise and limiting intake of calories. It also helps to eat smaller meals (4 or 5) instead of 2-3 large ones.  Another part to avoid adding on pounds is to limit eating before going to sleep, as that tends to store more than if done during the awake periods.

Apple cider vinegar, when taken throughout the day, is said to change the metabolism and the size of fat cells over time, and keeps it that way. One source mentioned this causes loss of 2 lbs a year- slow but steady. I luckily don’t suffer from this issue so I cannot report of its truth, but the following  sites may be of help:

This site has actual people discussing what worked for them.

This site mentions foods and herbs to deal with specific areas of weight and appetite.

This site has ideas as well.


from http://www.herbsforweightloss.net/:

Green tea: This is an excellent, effective, and safe weight loss ingredient that has the ability to oxidize fat in the body. It also has a wealth of antioxidants that are good for your heart. Green tea is readily available and either can be consumed in its rawest form as a drink, or taken as a supplement. Either way, this is one of the best herbs to lose weight with. Additionally, for some people, it has also proven to increase their energy levels.

Cayenne: This is ingredient is used in spicy foods such as chili. Cayenne contains capsaicin, which has proven to improve digestion, metabolism, and the overall fat burning process.

Garcinia camgogia: This is one of the lesser known herbal ingredients. It is reported to increase metabolic function that can help result in weight loss. Additionally, it also works as an appetite suppressor allowing you to eat less. It is typically combined with other herbs and taken as a potent diet pill.



I will add any new ideas when it comes my way, or when I have time for more research…good luck till then.

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Diabetes is attacking this nation like an epidemic, and ‘3rd world’ countries seem to be avoiding it. Type 1 and 2 are different, but children are increasingly getting what used to be called ‘adult onset’- type 2. While the theory now is that a virus causes it, it seems more obvious that diet and lifestyle is the culprit. ( an Indian reserve had an almost non-existent prevalence of  diabetes, but after ‘adjusting’ to Western diet with government help, they have double (about 13%) the chance of getting diabetes. )

While ‘there is no cure’, millions are expected to stay on medications for the rest of their lives, and not really addressing the pancreas issue at all- if anything, the more insulin and medication you put in, the less the pancreas even bothers to put out ( I think of it like steroids and adrenal insufficiency.) Medical literature says it is curable but most would have trouble with weight loss, so they are thinking if gastric surgery should be an option.

Dr. Christopher claimed to have found the cure, as described here, using cedar berry and others to regulate the hormonal system.

Dr. Schulze says his 30 Day Incurable Program will cure diabetes. (I am still looking for volunteers so I can see it first hand. I don’t doubt it as the rate of diabetes cured after gastric surgery is over 80% from day 1. Imagine eating healthier with a normal balance of nutrients- that is better than surgery, no?)

diet can reverse it-link

30 day diet cure-video.

There are many natural ways to control sugar levels, either alone or while you attempt to cure yourself:

Cinnamon, chia seed, fennel seed, dandelion root, fenugreek (they lower glucose, promote insulin production, or make cells more sensitive to insulin.)

chromium is an element that is very useful. In England it has been studied while in the US I have not heard anything yet. More info-link.

This site discusses how to reverse insulin resistance.

This site makes the point I wrote above in more detail.

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Liquid bandage and stitches/Bleeding

For all those afraid of needles and waiting in the emergency room for hours to get stitches or just Dermabond:

There is an amazing product that multitasks for wounds. It disinfects, stops bleeding, closes the wound, and speeds up the healing process. I have used it many times with amazing results. One person was asked which plastic surgeon did the job on the face. Another had a cut on the finger that would not heal because it was located at the joint, and this liquid had it close overnight! (I have seen it work many more times; these are only examples…)

This is made and sold by Dr. Schulze here (called Anti-I).

It is based in alcohol so it does burn a bit on open wounds until it evaporates (about 10-20 seconds), but then it is said to be waterproof so you don’t need to cover it. If used when the wound is gaping or wide, it can be used with steri-strips or butterfly bandages to bring the edges together after application.

It is made of: Garlic bulb, goldenseal root, usnea, myrrh resin, pine resin, echinacea root, tea tree oil, kelp, black walnut inner hulls, oak galls and cayenne pepper. (another version includes bayberry root bark and dulse.)

If the wound is missing tissue you can use the above product along with slippery elm bark powder to help regenerate tissue, so for ulcers and deep cuts it would help.

I would use the drops 2 times daily with the slippery elm powder during the day when it is covered by some dressing. At night, as long as the wound is not bloody or very wet, the wound should be covered with the liquid bandage and left uncovered.



Bleeding can be internal or external, but they can both be stopped quickly and easily.

External Bleed: PEPPER (black or red) can be put directly on a wound to stop bleeding. (DO NOT use if there is already a clot formed, as this will break the clot.) You can grab the pepper shaker of black and use that. It sounds like it is painful but it is not. Bleed should stop in seconds. I have heard first hand reports and they are amazed it is so simple.

For Cuts, Wounds, & Childbirth Hemorrhage/Tear:
  Flush the area with 10 – 20 Dropperfuls of cayenne pepper tincture or pack the area with cayenne pepper powder, if the tincture is not available.
Take 1 – 3 Dropperfuls of cayenne  tincture orally.
Apply Aloe Vera Gel to the area on the following day.
If wounds are not healing, apply Slippery Elm Gruel over the area each day until healed.

Internal Bleed: Use pepper tincture or consume hot peppers. That may work by equalizing blood pressure and allowing the wound to be able to clot.

1. Give 1/8 tsp. of Cayenne Pepper Tincture – 8 times per day.
2. And then work your way up to taking 1 tsp. of cayenne pepper tincture- 3 times per day.

Muscle and body pain

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I found something that works wonders for pulled muscles, swelling, pain and even itching that is used topically. (For oral help see this, and see this post for severe pain .)

I had people with arthritis, torn ligaments, back strains, sprains, etc. tell me how much better they felt after using it, and many people tell me they want more as they let others sample some when they have issues and they want it. I found it useful for nasal congestion- put some on the chest or under nose and sleep well. I always like to have some around as you never know when it may come useful.

It smells similar to Bengay, as they both use menthol, but this is all natural and promotes circulation and swelling reduction besides giving the warm sensation.

Instruction for use:

It is best used after a shower so the skin is more permeable, and then messaged into the skin for a few minutes. Use only a few drops, or enough to cover the area being treated. You can wash your hands with soap and water if you didn’t use gloves if you don’t want them to tingle or smell.

It is sold by Dr. Schulze and called Deep Tissue Oil and contains:

Wintergreen Oil, Botanical Menthol, Habanero Pepper, Arnica Flower, Calendula Flower, St. John’s Wort Flower, Olive Oil.

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Natural Sunscreen

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The commercial sunblocks out there contain many chemicals that are harmful and may even concentrate the sun’s rays on the skin.  Are there alternatives?….SURE, just read on!

Zinc oxide (used in most commercial sunblocks) lies on the skin without being absorbed, as long as it is micronized with a larger particle size and contains no nanoparticles. Smaller particles get absorbed through the skin. My source?  Here.

I bought mine here. (but they have a minimum order of $20)

This site has a recipe using zinc oxide. You can use the basic recipe and add essential oils of your choice for fragrance.

The recipe I used:

8 oz olive oil

1 oz beeswax

chunk of shea butter (less than oz)

1.8 oz zinc oxide powder (to get 20% of weight for max protection).

8 drops lavender oil

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Gout is a painful condition caused by uric acid crystals settling in a joint (commonly the big toe). That can come from producing too much uric acid, or excreting it too slowly.

The kidneys may have a major role in the process, so to treat the cause a Kidney Cleanse is called for.

Cherries contain anthocyanins that reduce swelling and lower levels of uric acid. Eat 10-15 (or more) fresh cherries during an attack, or add cherries to your daily diet to keep it in check. The background and some research can be viewed here. This site gives this idea and many others.

This site contains details on cherry cure and others like Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda.

Apples and bananas also have benefits, and this site mentions a paste of charcoal– able to draw out toxins.

I had someone with gout take Supernutrition (he would not do any other part of the program I recommended) and mentioned he has not needed medication for his issues since taking it. I think the acerola cherry in the mix may contribute to that, as well as the other antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties of the ingredients there.


Prostate Health (BPH, cancer)

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In men the prostate may enlarge and effect urination (weak, frequent) and cause night trips to the restroom. Having to awaken in middle of the night is NOT normal.  Some believe the process may be from eating meat from animals that had been injected with hormones, which feed the gland like human hormones would do. This is called benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH). This may lead to actual prostate cancer, so it is worth addressing at any stage.

Dr. Schulze has a Prostate Formula: (He also has a prostate cancer program)

Saw Palmetto Berry, Uva Ursi Leaf, Juniper Berry, Pygeum Bark, Nettle Root, Corn Silk

He also says to avoid processed animal products (chicken and meat) as they are treated with growth hormones- which make the prostate grow, too.

This site by conventional doctors has noted the research on saw palmetto.

This site mentions the above herbs and others.

I have heard great results from this formula, and seem to be a safe and effective way to treat prostate issues.

Some quotes from the sites above:

“Pygeum yields phytosterols (e.g., beta-sitosterol) that exert anti-inflammatory effects by inhibiting production of pro-inflammatory prostaglandins in the prostate. Pygeum also contains pentacyclic triterpenes (ursolic and oleanic acids) that prevent swelling (edema), and ferulic acid nesters (n-docosanol and tetracosanol) that reduce prolactin levels and block the accumulation of cholesterol in the prostate.”

“At least 53 clinical studies confirm the usefulness of pygeum in treating prostate problems. In one study involving 263 men with age-related prostate enlargement, taking at least 100 milligrams of pygeum extract (equivalent to 1-2 teaspoons of tincture) for 60 days:”

“Extracts of nettle root have proven effective in reducing the inflammation associated with BPF and prostatitis and even slowing the growth of abnormal cells.”
“The current research shows that constituents of nettle root work by inhibiting the growth of abnormal cells, a property that suggests it may have some use in preventing cancer. “

Throat infections

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It can be a real pain in the neck.

Most throat infection are from viruses, and  5-15% are bacterial (‘strep throat’). Most of us think we need to get checked for strep each time out throats are sore. A sore throat can be the first sign of a cold, using your voice a bit too much, irritant inhalation, reflux, and many other causes.

The good news is that you can treat this at home, and don’t need to figure out the cause. That is because this treatment addresses all the issues: pain, infection, feeling a lump.

Ingredients: Echinacea , Garlic, Cayenne Pepper, Licorice and Peppermint.

Directions: Place over tongue and facing up and toward back of throat and spray 2-10 sprays as often as needed. Avoid tongue since will tingle and make it numb for a bit, but not harmful. Just a waste of this great spray.

The echinacea helps the body fight the infection- boosting the immune system and directly antibacterial against strep- while also numbing the throat. Garlic is antiviral and antibacterial, so you can see why it’s there. Hot pepper may sound painful, but it gets circulation to the throat so it can heal faster. Peppermint has a soothing and cooling effect on contact. Licorice root has  soothing and anti inflammatory properties.

I myself used it and gave it to many others and the results are amazing!  For some with confirmed strep this was used and recultures 4-5 days later showed not more strep. Some had trouble swallowing and eating for a few days and told they don’t have strep so there is nothing to do. They used this spray throughout that day and saw the tonsils shrink back to almost normal size, and the people began eating again. If I begin to feel like I’m coming down with something I take this spray a few times and can avoid using the cold formula.

Dr. Schulze sells it as drops or spray form.

Dr. Christopher has another recipe: honey, pepper, garlic. He also has other ideas including using an onion.

Sida or cryptolepis  are herbs with antibacterial action against strep. (mentioned in this book)

Many use these and more for strep.

How to get kids to use these? I still have not found a solution but hope to find one soon…

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Migraine headaches

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Migraines are a big pain and there are drugs (like Triptans- Relpax)) used to treat it and to prevent them (beta blockers), but come with too many warnings and risks. But the good news is there is still a way to treat and prevent them without the risks of the drugs.

Butterbur is a plant famous for migraine prevention and treatment. I first read about it in a medical journal.

Feverfew is a leaf that when taken over a period of 3 weeks prevents or minimizes migraine attacks, and can be used as treatment in a larger dose.
A standard dose is 30 drops (1 dropperful) of the tincture 1- 3 times a day.

Cayenne pepper: (details here, halfway down the page).

The brain formula can also be used for “killer” migraine headaches. Take 6-10 dropperfuls at once. If brain circulation is constricted, holding blood in the skull, lobelia tincture instead may cause the spasm to let go. Also, 3-4 glasses of water at once with a pinch of salt may cause some headaches to back off. (according to this site)

Apple cider vinegar: this site has people’s experiences with cures.

This site goes through some natural options including some above, including research done.


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Does it have to be this way?There is a better way

Cholesterol is made into a big deal these days, with testing done at least  annually if not more often, and ‘treated’ with drugs that do more than what we want from them. Statin drugs (the most commonly prescribed class of cholesterol-lowering drug) like Zocor and Lipitor, can damage the liver (an organ we usually need)…

There is a theory that cholesterol is not connected to cardiovascular risk (and research facts here) as much as homocysteine (lowered with folic acid) and glucose levels, but that is not the topic here.

There are safer and easier ways to lower cholesterol, and without prescriptions.

The Liver detox not only does not damage the liver, but it protects it and makes it more effective so that it may lower cholesterol.

Exercise naturally helps with cholesterol (lower triglycerides and raises HDL- ‘good’ cholesterol)

Red Rice Yeast– it has many statin-like compounds that do the job like the drug but are not toxic. (the drug was based on an ‘active’ ingredient  they found in red rice yeast, but the plant has smaller amounts of these ingredients that work together and don’t seem to be toxic.) Study

Garlic– is thought to protect blood vessels and help keep healthy cholesterol levels- it surely can’t hurt.

Fiber– oat bran or other fiber is a good way to deal with cholesterol while keeping your bowels healthier.

Apple cider vinegarthis site has people claim it worked, and this site describes the dose people use and has testimonials below the info.

The Chinese herb jiaogulan is said to lower cholesterol and is good for the heart, immune system, and more.

Digestion/GERD, reflux

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Too many people are taking drugs to control acid reflux or related symptoms. I’ve heard of infants placed on ‘proton pump inhibitors’ (PPI) (like Nexium and Prilosec) and other drugs to deal with spitting up (or called ‘GERD’ when the doctor hears about it). PPIs effect the acid production of the stomach LONG TERM- they shut down the acid pumps for good. Being on them long term will give problems later on, like digesting food and acid-base imbalance.

There are many herbs that either empty the stomach quicker, coat the stomach with mucous, or help with reducing acid.

Chamomile, ginger, peppermint, and fennel are great for this type of condition. My friend was on a PPI and stopped it when he heard of this, and after taking chamomile tea for about 2 months (before each meal) noticed that his GERD was gone. He does not take anything now, and is symptom free. When his GI doctor heard of it and recommended it to a few of his treatment-resistant patients, they were all confirmed cured in a few weeks of chamomile only. (Western medicine believes that peppermint is a cause of reflux, but you can decide for yourself.)

I would recommend tinctures of these, but tea is easier if you are not prepared with a tincture. 3 cups daily, in between meals, is the dose for tea.

Dose for chamomile tincture: 4-6 ml (0.1-0.2 oz) of the herbal tincture 3 times every day after/ in between meals. (I’ve seen 3-10, 3-5ml mentioned).

Ginger dose: Take before meals (20 minutes).

The other points to address would be weight loss if that were an issue, and not filling up on food until the bursting point. Also, not to sleep or lie down within 3 hours of a meal.


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Immune booster/antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal

destroy these critters

While in medicine there are very specific drugs that destroy specific types of organisms, the herbal options are of greater benefit as they offer broader coverage without side effects.

One herb- garlic– destroys only harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi (yeast), and parasites as well! Can it get any better? Read on…

Echinacea is an herb that stimulates and boosts your natural immune cells to do their job faster.

Raw apple cider vinegar (2-4 Tbsp daily in divided doses) with or without raw honey kills infections while making the body able to fight better by changing the pH. This also makes it difficult or impossible for infections to survive in an alkaline environment.

A good idea while fighting any infection is to stay hydrated, eat healthy/juice if there is an appetite (otherwise skip eating for the meantime) and get enough sleep. This keeps the body in best shape to do its job.

There is a formula combining different herbs to fight infections:

Dr. Schulze’s Echinacea Plus has echinacea, garlic, pau D’arco bark, ginseng root, habanero pepper.

The Chinese herb jiaogulan is shown to strengthen the immune system.

This electronic book discusses curing yourself of infections naturally.

Kidney Cleanse/detox

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Avoid this

Avoid this

This formula and Program is great for: treating urinary tract infections, dissolving kidney stones, and just flushing the kidneys from harmful entities or preventing the need for dialysis when it begins failing (that should be a wake-up call…). I have had many people use these formulas for infections and stones- all were amazed how quickly they relieve pain.

For kidney failure you may need the Incurable Program, and look at this site for info and experiences.

There have been herbs used to treat stones and infections way back in history, but have been exchanged recently with drugs. The herbs below have been linked to a site that gives a brief description and used of them. (That is not to say there is no research on them, but maybe more of my laziness…)

Formula: Uva Ursi Leaves, Juniper Berries, Corn Silk, Horsetail Herb, Pipsissewa Leaf, Burdock Root and Seed and Goldenrod Flower Tops.

For kidney stones the main herbs are Hydrangea Root and gravel root. These are in the kidney tea/tincture. Also important to prevent and treat stones is drinking lots of pure/ distilled water, and many claim apple cider vinegar dissolved the stones by changing the acidity of the urinary tract.

kidney stone routine taken from Dr. Schulze’s book (link below not always working).


The 5-10 day program includes: kidney formula, detox formula, and kidney tea. (I prepared a tincture instead of the tea.)

One should first do a bowel cleanse so that the body can properly eliminate the toxins being released, instead of reabsorbing it. That is a reason why some ‘detox’ products are dangerous and give this concept a bad name. See the BOWEL CLEANSE article.



This site has the list of ingredients and basic information of this.

Click here to view book discussing the details of this 5-Day Program.

Liver Cleanse/Detox

Keep your liver happy so you can be healthy and energized.

The liver has a big job: it has to detoxify, regulate sugar and cholesterol levels, and store vitamins and minerals. It also produces parts for the immune system (complement).

Cars should get filter changes pretty often, yet our liver is expected to deal with our toxins non-stop, and if you add drugs/medications, additives/preservatives, and chemicals to the every-day burden, it can get into trouble. Blood tests cannot give a clear picture of liver status, so it is difficult to see when it is not doing well.

The liver is able to regenerate itself, and given the chance- it will. Some detoxes out there may give this idea a bad reputation, but this concept and the one I describe is safe and without side effects. (I think the others out there may be harmful since they may be detoxing by releasing the toxins, but the body still has no way to eliminate it all, so all it gets is an accumulation of toxins that is dangerous. I’ve had people come to me after having such experiences.)

There are many herbs known to be beneficial to the liver, either by helping to flush it, or to protect and repair it.

The main one is Milk Thistle, the only thing that can treat deadly mushroom poisoning. I spoke with a toxicologist who confirmed this. It is also mentioned in a current medical reference program as shown to improve mortality and a very promising herb, which is approved in many countries for curing liver problems.

There is a 5 day program that is effective to cure and treat liver disease, cirrhosis, sugar and cholesterol levels, and helps many other, seemingly unrelated problems. Use this with other ingredients to dissolve gallstones. (see below)


One should first consider a bowel cleanse so that the body can properly eliminate the toxins being released, instead of reabsorbing it. That is a reason why some ‘detox’ products are dangerous and give this concept a bad name. See the BOWEL CLEANSE article.

Schedule: Liver formula- 4 droppers 3x daily, liver tea- 2 cups daily, detox formula- 3 droppers 5x daily. (I made the tea into a tincture, so a few droppers will equal the 2 cups of tea.)

Ingredients: Milk Thistle Seed, Dandelion Root and Leaf, Oregon Grape Root, Gentian Root, Wormwood Leaf and Flower, Black Walnut Hulls, Ginger, Garlic, Fennel Seed.

How it works: click here

View (not seem to work with google chrome)electronic book by Dr. Schulze on complete details of formulas and how the 5 day Program works, how to do it, and what it will do for you.

For severe gallbladder attacks: (from Dr. Schulze)

1. Stop eating all food immediately, which is a good idea with any acute illness. Take 4 droppersful of Digestive Tonic and 4 droppersful of Liver Formula in an ounce of warm water immediately.

2. Prepare and drink a Liver/Gallbladder Flush Drink. In an emergency fresh apple-lemon juice is preferred, but any juice will work.

   Making the Liver Flush Drink:

• 8 ounces of distilled or purified water
• 8 ounces fresh, organic apple juice
• 1 fresh-squeezed lemon
• 3 cloves of organic garlic
• 5 tablespoons of organic virgin cold-pressed olive oil
• 1 piece of fresh ginger root (about 1-inch long.)

(NOTE: Don’t chop the garlic or peel the ginger, just throw everything in the blender and liquefy it. It only takes 60 seconds to make a Liver Flush Drink. Drink it down in 2-3 minutes, don’t sip it.)

3. Lie on your right side with a hot pack over your liver. Castor oil packs over the liver are very beneficial, as is hot and cold hydrotherapy.

4. 15 minutes later drink 2 cups of hot, strong Detox Tea that has 6 droppersful of Liver Formula in each cup.

5. When the pain has subsided a bit, give yourself a high enema. Relax and take an hour to do it.

6. For any spasmodic pain and cramping in the liver take an additional 4 droppersful of  Digestive Tonic and 2 to 4 droppersful of Nerve Formula in an ounce of water.

7. If the pain persists in an hour, repeat all of the above steps.

I don’t recall any patient ever having to do this entire routine more than twice before they got relief.

The patient should then immediately start on my 5-Day LIVER Detox using the Liver/Gallbladder Flush Drink and my L-GB Formula, Detox Tea and Detox Formula.

Remember, a gallbladder attack should be a wake-up call to change a person’s food program. Avoid all animal foods, saturated fats and trans fats and create a healthy lifestyle—a liver-friendly one.

– Dr. Schulze (page 54 and 57 in eBook), or this link. If you are lucky the book appears below.


Varicose veins, hemorrhoids

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There are many herbs that strengthen the veins so that they won’t leak. This would be of benefit for varicose veins, hemorrhoids, chronic venous insufficiency, vericocele, etc.

This link has 8 steps that has cured the problem.

Butcher’s Broom:  The presence of flavonoids, like rutin, are known to generally strengthen blood vessels and reduce capillary fragility with its anti-inflammatory and vasoconstrictor effects that help tighten and strengthen veins. (A mild diuretic, butchers broom was approved by the authoritative German Commission E as a supportive therapy for chronic venous insufficiency, a condition causing pain, swelling, and fatigue in the calves. Chronic venous insufficiency is related to varicose veins. from here)

It can be used to benefit anyone: men, women (including before, during or after pregnancy, and nursing), children and animals. (according to this site.) This site says it is helpful during pregnancy.

This site gives details and studies done.  Check this site for dosages.

this site gives more info

Horse Chestnut: this link describes some more. This site mentions many herbs and warning on horse chestnut.

Milk thistle : For venous pain and varicose veins (taken from this site)

  • 1½ oz. milk thistle seeds
  • 1 oz. calendula flowers
  • 1 oz. witch-hazel leaves

This mixture will constrict open leg wounds. It strengthens the walls of the veins and seals the tissues around the wound. You can drink the tea, or use it to make a compress.

Other useful circulatory foods and herbs: bilberry, cayenne, and bromelain (found in pineapple– prevents clots), ginkgo, hawthorn, gotu kola. Blackberries and cherries may help prevent and manage varicose veins. Dr. Christopher has a page of info here.

This link discusses some of herbs people have tired.

Here it gives list of the herbs above along with others.

Pain relief, naturally

The standard way of looking at pain is just that- it’s a pain and it has to be treated so you feel better. The point of pain (not that I am a big fan of it) is to signal its owner of something wrong that needs to be addressed. It’s only a signal for some underlying issue. Treating pain alone is like disabling the ‘check engine’ light when it gets annoying.

The other standard of treatment is to use medications that although work nicely, all have side effects and real dangers to the body. Tylenol (acetaminophen)-something viewed as candy until recently- damages the liver, and Motrin (ibuprofen) upsets the kidneys. That is not even the prescription stuff…


If you know the cause (tired/hungry headache) begin by addressing them. If it’s chronic pain, many have had success using natural remedies:

1- Cayenne pepper: (actually sold as creams now as  Capsagel, Salonpas-Hot, Zostri) This site has actual pain-sufferers discussing what worked for them.

2- Turmeric: has curcumin that helps with inflammation. eHow explains how to use it.

3- Apple Cider Vinegar (this site has many swearing by it)

4- Ginger- has anti-inflammatory properties so it would be good to add it if one suffers from arthritis.

5- Nerve formula helps with pain.

Allergy relief with no side effects

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1- Nettle leaf is a source of quercetin- a flavonoid that inhibits the release of histamine.

Many people swear by nettle for relieving hay fever, including Dr. Weil, who uses the herb himself.

A study published in the 1990 issue of Planta Medica found that nettle leaves may be effective against allergic rhinitis. Out of 69 subjects who took 600 mg of freeze-dried nettle leaf, 58 percent reported significant relief and 48 percent stated that “it was more effective than other over-the-counter medications.”(Editor’s note: I believe standardized versions cannot do justice to the herb’s potential. Use tincture or tea form of actual leaves and then decide if it works.)

I have repeat buyers for the tincture I made using only nettle leaf with alcohol. I would assume they buy more for a reason…

2- Raw Apple Cider Vinegar: this has been the #1 successful treatment mentioned by a site that people report on after using natural things.  See for yourself what people say.
I have read, and heard second hand, that when apple cider vinegar is taken either as a daily tonic or at the first sign of an allergy (i.e., sinus headache, stuffy nose, watery eyes), one can completely stop the histamine response or allergic reaction.
Dosage: One way is to put 1/8th cup ACV in 16 oz of water and sip it throughout the day. The other method is to take the mixture at one time a few times daily (you should take 1-2 tablespoons with an equal amount of honey or maple syrup (or any sweetener) 2-3 times a day). Depends on your preference, really. Sometimes you just have to take this dosage once to stop the allergy and sometimes you need to take it up to three times a day. If taken at the onset of symptoms, allergies will usually disappear within 1 -3 hours after taking the first dose of Apple Cider Vinegar. If you’ve been experiencing allergies for a day or more, your symptoms will disappear after about 24 hours. If they don’t, make sure you continue to take water/vinegar mixture for several days. The great thing about apple cider vinegar is that it appears to repair the immune system over time. So while you may take it every day for a month or two to begin with, you can taper off it and then only take as needed. (Make sure to rinse your mouth after taking to prevent damaging your teeth.)

You can help others by leaving a comment as to what worked for you- thanks.

Dr. Christopher discussed a way to reverse it by removing the cause.


(from febfastdetox.wordpress.com)

There are many multivitamins and supplements out there, but does your body recognize or use them? (Did you hear how the FDA want to regulate and control our foods? Look into Codex Alimentarius. (this is short explanation))

To get full use of nutrients we should get them from as natural a source as possible.  Taking ‘chemical’ or man-made forms of anything seems to work very differently than when taken as nature made them. It may just be the way it was meant to be taken. Things in nature are made up of many parts that work together to be helpful to us (some refer to them having ‘co-factors”), and when a scientist ‘isolates’ an ‘active’ ingredient from nature to market as something healthy is probably not the same as nature has it, and maybe even harmful. More  research on supplements are here and this gives big picture story.

With iron supplements only 10% is absorbed by the body, calcium supplements increases risk of heart attack, and may even INCREASE risk for fractures…

If you never heard of the CARET study, I will give a brief summary here:   people were given SYNTHETIC vitamin A to see if the rate of lung cancer would go down (theory). They found it WENT UP! Some say it may be from blocking normal forms of vitamins from having any beneficial effect.

A colleague of mine told me his friend manufactures vitamins and warned him about the toxic material that goes into the products. The owner would not ingest his own products…


A blend of the following (powder form to mix into liquid) has good nutritional coverage if you don’t eat a balanced diet.  Click on individual ingredients to see nutritional facts, usually per 1 oz.:

Spirulina, chlorella, barley grass, alfalfa grass, wheat grass, dulse seaweed, beet root, spinach leaf, acerola cherry, rose hips, orange peel, lemon peel, palm fruit, and nutritional (inactivated) yeast. There is a product sold by Dr. Schulze called “Superfood” that has these ingredients. (I added broccoli to my mix)

This will provide  absorbable vitamins, minerals, protein, enzymes, phytochemicals, and chlorophyll. These ingredients have other benefits, including but not limited to: anti-inflammatory, energizing, removing heavy metals and radioactive contamination from the body. I have seen this help those with low energy (even with low thyroid as cause), gout, low B12 (confirmed with blood test), anemia, and joint pain.

Barley grass helps cholesterol, and there are many other health benefits too lengthy to mention here- they are better than any multivitamin can offer.

I would say this is better than prenatal vitamins out there (for pregnancy), as the synthetic value is less, even though the amount in milligrams may be more. Only 10% of iron pills is absorbed by the body, according to medicine.

Nutrition Facts: (I plan on sending sample for analysis. The official list I found is below, but I  doubt the accuracy since there is bound to be more than o% calcium with spinach and more.)

Amount Per Serving

Calories 50

Calories from Fat 4

Total Fat -0.5g 1%

Saturated Fat -0.0g 0%

Trans Fat -0.0g

Cholesterol -0.0mg 0%

Sodium -55.0mg 2%

Potassium -0.0mg 0%

Total Carbohydrate -6.0g 2%

Dietary Fiber -4.0g 16%

Sugars -0.0g

Protein -6.0g 12%

Vitamin A  140% Vitamin C  105%
Calcium  0% Iron  11%
Thiamin  400% Riboflavin  424%
Vitamin B6 300% Vitamin B12 525%
Vitamin E  106% Folic Acid  67%
Niacin  200% Iodine  26%
Zinc  13% Pantothenic Acid 100%


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source: Istockpohoto.com

 There may be testimonials in the ‘comments’ section under specific topics- this setup is not working with me…if you want to comment or testify, please do it as comment- thanks. If you saw benefit from an item you received from me and do not comment…


Here’s what people are saying:


LG (from NY): I’ve been suffering from allergies for as long as I can remember. While most people say, “Hooray! Winter is over!” I’m busy stocking up on tissues and Claritin. I just tried your Nettle Leaf tincture. Wow! For the first time in a long time, I’m actually enjoying the spring weather. Better stock up on it, cause I’m ordering more and referring fellow allergy-sufferers to you. Thanks again!


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Colon Cleanse and Fix

Keep it clean and healthy phoenixcolonic.com

Most Americans will have diverticulosis according to current medicine (Opening statement in Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine on gastrointestinal issues). Do we have to be that statistic? NO!!! The average American does not clear their bodies and bowels of toxins and fecal matter, so that would explain the numbers. In 3rd world countries this is very rare, but they happen to have easy bowel movements (and high fiber diet, more exercise, etc).

The formula I have seen with consistently great results is from Dr. Schulze, called Intestinal Formula #2. Can order it here from his site.

If doing it as cleanse (and not acute situation) THIS SHOULD BE STARTED ONLY AFTER HAVING NORMAL BOWEL MOVEMENTS  (can use Constipation cure to get there) since otherwise there is a risk of having the release of toxins build up if there is no way to excrete them- thereby having a concentration of toxins instead of a healthy cleaning. That is why some ‘detoxes’ out there get bad publicity when it sends someone to the hospital. They may work but they have to be done properly.

It will draw out old fecal matter, bacteria, parasites, poison (great for food poisoning or something that is not agreeing with you), heavy metals, radioactive material, and basically anything not belonging in your colon.It also heals the colon, so this is perfect for those with IBS, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, and for anyone wanting to have a clean colon. (INSTRUCTIONS BELOW)

This is great whenever you want to stop diarrhea, even if you don’t know the cause. It even works for pre-exam/anxiety bathrooming.

It is made of:

Flax Seed, Apple Fruit Pectin, Bentonite Clay, Psyllium Seed and Husk, Slippery Elm Bark, Marshmallow Root, Fennel Seed and Activated Charcoal.

Side effects: dark, black stool and constipation if not taken with enough water. Yes, that’s all you need to worry about.

Instructions for detox: Take one teaspoon (or 5 capsules) with water 5 times a day for 5-10 days. Best if taken about 30-40 minutes before and after food is taken so it can absorb the right things- not your food. (Dose for children goes by weight, so divide their weight from 150 to get the ratio. Example: 30 lbs- 150/30=5, so give a 5th the dose mentioned here.)

For acute situations (ate something ‘off’ or spoiled, or just have diarrhea):Take 1 tsp or 5 capsules with water every hour until symptoms resolve.

TIP: if using powder, put some water in the cup before adding the powder, then add the powder and more water- this is to avoid clumps from forming.


For worms or parasites: Take formula for constipation, use this formula with more garlic in the diet, and the 5 day liver cleanse would be beneficial to add. You can make the following formula: 7 parts – Black Walnut Hull,1 part – Wormwood Leaves & Flowers, 1 part – Garlic, 1 part – Pomegranate Root Bark (1 dropperful 6 times daily for 1 week)

Cold and Flu CURE

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Yes, there IS a cure for the cold. It works to stop the infection within hours if taken at the first sign of infection, and also works to shorten the length of it when taken later.

INGREDIENTS: Garlic, ginger, onion, horseradish, cayenne pepper ,unfiltered apple cider vinegar.

DOSAGE: Take 2 tsp (or even an ounce) every 1-2 hours until symptoms are gone. Alternatively, can take 2-20 droppersful every hour until cured. Can also be used as prevention in cold season or if those around are sick by taking 2-4 droppersful 2 x daily.

Use as many of those ingredients, as they all have benefits in helping deal with the viruses. Apple cider vinegar may work by changing the pH in the body to more alkaline-making it better for the body/worse for the virus. Garlic, onion, ginger-have antiviral properties. Horseradish and hot pepper bring for circulation to the face/nose, where the body needs to reach.

If it progressed to a cough, consider adding Cough Formula to the routine. Echinacea is another herb that helps the immune system fight the virus quicker.


Here are routine details,  and here is Dr. Schulze’s details on it.

Read all about cold, flu, infection cures and details here. (ebook)

This formula is great for any upper respiratory infection, including sinusitis, throat infections, etc. This seems to be a wonder drug, having cured many I know from colds and flu within the day. (antivirals for the flu only claim to reduce symptoms by 1 day- this can stop it in 1 day or less…not much of a decision to make…)

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Cure for constipation and to regulate bowel movements

Avoid this…(adsoftheworld.com)

Many seemingly unrelated conditions may be related to the buildup of toxic waste in the body(-even chest pain can be from buildup of intestinal gas). Not having normal bowel movements is the main cause for that.  In any treatment I would recommend doing this program if there is an issue with bowel routine (having time to read encyclopedias) or painful bathroom trips. Normal is defined as having the number of bowel movements equal the amount of normal sized meals eaten per day.

ACTION: This stimulating tonic is cleansing, healing and strengthening to the entire gastro-intestinal system. It stimulates your peristaltic action (the muscular movement of the colon) and over time strengthens the muscles of the large intestine, just like working out muscles in the gym to make them work better. This formula has herbs that will stimulate muscles even without nerves. It disinfects, soothes and heals the mucous membrane lining of your entire digestive tract. It improves digestion, relieves gas and cramps, increases the flow of bile which in turn cleans the gall bladder, bile ducts and liver, destroys Candida albicans overgrowth and promotes a healthy intestinal flora. It also destroys and expels intestinal parasites, increases gastro-intestinal circulation and is anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal.

The routine:

Take one capsule with or after dinner on day 1.  After breakfast or in morning you may have a bowel movement. If it is not present or not easy, increase the dose by adding 1 capsule (total of 2) that evening. Add another capsule every evening until a normal and easy movement is achieved. Decrease or stop if there is diarrhea, the only ‘side effect’ I know of. (For those with irritable bowel or too many movements, skip this formula and do the ‘Bowel Cleanse’ formula – the perfect thing.)
Continue to use this formula until you are having at least 1 bowel movement each day for every meal you eat. Between 2 and 4 bowel movements a day is normal. Considering all the disease and death we have because of retained fecal matter, I wouldn’t worry about taking too much of this formula.
Consider taking the dose that achieved results for a week or 2, then stop to see if your bowels ‘learned’ how to function on their own.

You may want to follow this routine with a bowel cleanse to remove the probable buildup of junk from not moving for a while.

Contains: Turkey Rhubarb, Senna Leaves and Pods, Cascara Sagrada Bark, and one or more of the following: Ginger, Garlic, Anise seed, Peppermint, Fennel, Cayenne Pepper.

http://healingtools.tripod.com/basiclean.html for more info

Some facts:

Most Americans will have diverticulosis according to current medicine (Opening statement in Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine on gastrointestinal issues). Do we have to be that statistic? NO!!! The average American does not clear their bodies and bowels of toxins and fecal matter, so that would explain the numbers. In 3rd world countries this is very rare, but they happen to have easy bowel movements (and high fiber diet, more exercise, etc). Many natural healers believe one should have one bowel movement for each large meal eaten. That would mean 2-3 a day, while ‘modern medicine’ thinks 2-3 a WEEK is fine as long as they are not painful…

Lemon Balm- mood, sleep, ADHD

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There is an alternative to drugs for kids diagnosed (or not) with attention or hyperactive issues. The standard stimulant drugs have side effects with eating and sleeping, and probably more. Why subject their developing brains to chemicals when there are safer ways? Medical professionals have tried it on their kids and reported how wonderful it was to have their children acting normal. I then offered it to others with such issues and heard amazing results so far.

A doctor specializing in ADHD writes more details.

Research on this and other herbs.

Here’s a little background information on Lemon Balm.

Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis), a member of the mint family, is considered a “calming” herb. It was used as far back as the Middle Ages to reduce stress and anxiety, promote sleep, improve appetite, and ease pain and discomfort from indigestion (including gas and bloating as well as colic). Today, lemon balm is often combined with other calming, soothing herbs, such as valerian, chamomile, and hops, to help promote relaxation. It is also used for its antiviral properties to treat cold sores (oral herpes). For sleep issue see Sleep post.

It does not cause drowsiness, yet it balances and regulates one’s mood. It also makes for a more restful sleep. It is used to stay alert and used by students to stay up late and study and retain the information. My classmates would use it and claimed it helped them remember more and if it was late and they went to sleep, it was a more fitful sleep. It did not keep them up.

I now offer the Memory formula for ADHD with great results. It has lemon balm as its main ingredient.

According to David Winston: (found on this page)
For: Sadness, mild depression, and anxiety; especially for children.
Fresh Plant Extract 1:2   Dosage- Adult 60 to 90 gtt (drops), q.i.d
Child 10 gtt (drops) every 2 – 3 hours

My opinion is to treat the cause, so I would recommend following up with a bowel cleanse and providing proper nutrition. Constipation and poor nutrition may cause or aggravate the brain function.

Memory Formula

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 This formula works to increase memory and concentration. It also works for controlling hyperactivity and loss of focus (like ADD/ADHD- see more here). In fact, one client gave it to his child and the teacher called a few days later wanting to know what they were doing, because the child hadn’t been sent out of the room for two days. I then began recommending it for children with concentration issues and have heard amazing results-including going off ADHD medication and doing better with this.  It also helps sleeping problems, but if that was the main issue I would recommend lemon balm or chamomile, or valerian if the others don’t help. It does not make one drowsy, but the quality of sleep is better.

Ingredients: lemon balm, oatstraw, ginkgo, rosemary, kola nut, gotu kola, cayenne pepper.