Vaccines: Protect or Harm?

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I was trained in the medical system and accepted much as fact, but that changed when asked to challenge anti-vaccine people. I accepted thinking there was nothing to debate. Only after doing some serious research beyond the CDC and FDA did I see how much is ignored or even altered to conceal the truth.

The following will not be told to you by your doctor, as they are not taught this. Be informed and make an educated decision. As in any decision in life, especially medicine, we are entitled to informed consent.(this shows how it can apply to politicians and not to the masses.) This page deals with some basics, but please do some more research on the topics below to decide for yourself/ children. (For a few quick facts see bottom of this post if you don’t want to look into too many links.)

As an into to the issue, this clip updates you on history of vaccine origin- smallpox. (5:20-20:00). Historical facts on smallpox. Charts show how vaccines actually INCREASED death rate (6th chart on page). The first 8 year old boy vaccinated died at age 20, perhaps from tuberculosis.

Myth: vaccines eradicated diseases and that’s the (main contributing) factor for better mortality rates.

Fact: According to an article in Pediatrics Journal (December 2000, VOLUME 106 / ISSUE 6) showing the statistics of health trends in the 20th century we see otherwise: “…Thus vaccinations does not account for the impressive declines in mortality seen in the first half of the century.” Here charts make it clearer than words.vaccines chart in us More charts from US and others. (When shown charts showing vaccine benefits, they are zoomed into the time they were available, but zooming out a bit shows the vaccine was not the reason as the trend was there before at the same rate.)






Myth: polio was eradicated with vaccines.

FactThe criteria to diagnose it changed in 1954(the government can do anything-video below 41:40) so it went down on paper, although more cases were seen from the vaccine. Idaho and Utah banned the vaccine as they never had polio before vaccines were used. It seems a doctor was curing polio using vitamin C but was ignored- it cannot be patented.

This nice (and long) video is of a doctor addressing the facts of specific childhood vaccines: the real risks, numbers and studies included. (for measles see time 2:27 for real risks and facts). This actually covers much of this whole post, including autism and avoiding vaccines (2:46:25).

In his documentary film Vaccine Nation, award-winning investigative film director Dr. Gary Null challenges the basic health claims by government health agencies and pharmaceutical firms that vaccines are perfectly safe.

A nice video “The Truth about Vaccinations” has doctors, scientists and politicians discussing the issues. (31:40 has FDA admit lack of safety testing and assumptions made.) From parents’ prospective.

Myth: there is no connection between MMR/mercury and autism.

Facts:   Mercury, Autism & The Global Vaccine Agenda : Dr David Ayoub M.D. (8:15- discusses ‘studies’ used to show safety by the Institute of Medicine). Confidential memo shows manufacturer knew risk during vaccine trials. CDC whistleblower on covered up connection. An Italian court awarded damages to autistic child but this never made it to US media.

Nice virtual debate with Drs. Paul Offit and Haley.

The CDC, FDA and doctors will refer to the Danish study that mercury has no connection to autism, while the author-Dr. Poul Thorsen- is currently a fugitive after misusing the funds. He was even paid for several future studies after being indicted.

The publication reports an ecological study based on the reported autism incidence in Denmark as recorded in the Denmark National Center for Registry-based Research (NCRR) database.  Denmark phased thimerosal containing vaccines out of circulation in 1992.  The authors’ premise is that if there is a causal relationship between autism and thimerosal containing vaccines, then the prevalence of autism should decrease in subsequent years.  Instead, the study showed a dramatic increase in the number of new autism diagnoses in the years following thimerosal removal, in age groups 2-4, 5-6 and 7-9 years old.

This paper has two severe methodological flaws.  First, the Denmark NCRR database changed diagnostic criteria for autism diagnoses in 1994 from ICD8 to ICD10.  This led to a greater number of autism diagnoses overall.  Second, the Denmark NCRR database changed the accounting of autism based on outpatient visits in 1995, whereas up to 1995, only inpatient (i.e., Hospital) visits were accounted.  This led to a significant increase in autism cases counted beyond 1994.  In a separate publication, the ratio of inpatients to outpatients accounted for by the NCRR database has been reported to be 13.5:1 (Madsen et al. 2002).  These two data artifacts (changing diagnostic criteria and inpatient/outpatient reporting) show a misleading jump in the prevalence of autism after 1995.  However, when these are corrected for, the actual autism rates in Denmark decreased by as much as 4 times upon the phase out of thimerosal-containing vaccines (Trelka et al. 2004)

Updated info to show links to autism can be found here,  here and here. This research group show monkeys given the normal vaccines developed autistic features.  A doctor has a nice and long presentation discussing the facts in detail.

Aluminum in vaccines can cause the same (more below).  Dr. presentation on this topic to peers (34:10 has nice study, 45:45 has list of adverse effects).  This doctor has a readable page on this topic, and this page brings up many common concerns and addresses them. Dr. Andrew Wakefield speaks about MMR and his research. This site-with videos– seems to keep updated.

Some have even reversed it by removing/chealating heavy metals (28:20 from presentation above), recent research from England and Japan point to that connection.

Myth:  vaccines are proven to be safe.

Facts: They seem to be causing deaths.

How about the SIDS connection now revealed and SIDS decrease in Japan since pushing off their vaccine schedule? More on SIDSShaken Baby Syndrome is another issue that has been confused with vaccine effects. There were parents imprisoned for years until this was proven. Read more here and in presentation mentioned above -48:25. New facts revealed from court order show data.

The FDA cannot say that vaccines are safe and don’t cause autism. (video time: 57:42). Further in this clip are quotes from secret meeting on mercury.

The CDC was asked if they compared vaccinated vs. un-vaccinated or noted infant mortality increase in countries with more vaccines. (the whole hearing is found here)

The original polio vaccine was contaminated and the public was never notified- now the government won’t even look if there is a connection to cancer. This page was removed from the CDC site.

Aluminum has never been tested in humans as an injection. Placebo vaccines use aluminum instead of sterile water/ saline which shows vaccines are not worse than a toxic substance…makes sense?!

There is an increase in allergies and autoimmune diseases including diabetes (with a connection made) in children.


Myth: Our government would not cover up the truth if we were at risk.

Factthis report shows otherwise. This CBC news report is informing about defenders for vaccines. This site has a summary of that.

This former British department of health safety officer gives an inside story about safety.

Unrelated to vaccines, but point of this clip (2:30) mentions government insisting on products are not always for our benefit. (they both have mercury in common:))

Myth: vaccines are effective and that even if there were  possible adverse effects, it is an issue of benefits outweighing the risks.

Facts: the vaccine makers should be the ones to prove that, but here we will challenge that:

Vaccines failures are too common and they seem to be part of death (SIDS)- would you call that a reasonable risk?

 This blog from Australia sheds some light on ‘benefits’ vs. risks.


Myth: It would be unethical to study vaccinated vs. unvaccinated, as the FDA/CDC state.

Fact: there are already those refusing them so they can be compared. This site shows some comparisons.

Vaccine specifics:

Mumps– is it protective or does it cause harm? This Dr. discusses it in this clip, time 9:38.

Measles and many other vaccines- do they offer protection? This site shows many vaccine failures.

The deaths from measles in the US from 2004-2015: 0 (CDC)

The deaths from the measles vaccine in same years: 108 (VAERS database**see below**)

Pertussis seems to not offer longterm protection according to a WebMD/ Medscape article: …”pertussis immunity is constantly waning, even if immunization rates greater than 90% could be achieved, it would not be possible to sustain high levels of immunity without regular revaccination.” A recent CDC report on research on recent outbreak. Even in preeschoolers the protection may be less than 50%. This page gives the real data and even treatment protocol using Vitamin C. Lately, studies show vaccinated people are carriers that may actually be the ones spreading the disease and unvaccinated are better protected against the most common strain in the US.

Statistics from US and UK from before vaccines came out show how it had not been the reason diseases were ‘eradicated’– like measles.  Check out the number of deaths from polio vaccine and polio itself. Maybe vaccines don’t even do what they claim…forget the safety issue. Notice the same trend for those diseases that have no vaccines available. Browse that link- it’s pretty informative.

Hepatitis B (studies on effects here) is given either before the baby is discharged from the hospital or at the first visit to the doctor. Almost all medications given to children are based on weight, yet here a preemie and full term get the same dose. How would one expect the infant to pick up a blood-borne or sexually transmitted disease?! It can’t even walk…(the reason NY babies get antibiotic eye drops at birth is because the State feels that all women have infections like chlamydia and gonorrhea.)

The influenza (flu) vaccine sounds simple, but how do they predict the strain months before the outbreak and think there is no drift and shifting- mutation of the virus during the same season? Sounds crazy to me. Dr. Geier discusses the risks and facts.  Does it even protect?  This Dr’s site shows not.  This report says it causes miscarriages and stillbirths. Here we see it was shown to cause fetal deaths but the official reports skipped that by ‘ignoring’ the 2009-10 spike when all pregnant women were routinely vaccinated.  A study published in The Lancet concluded that the flu vaccine showed no evidence of preventing the flu in children under 2.  This report challenges the studies showing vaccines are effective. The elderly that need to protect themselves have less benefit than advertised. This page has statistics and sources.

This quote from a clinician commenting to an article in the Clinical Advisor:

The influenza death rate is much overstated [“Influenza: complications, diagnosis, and treatment, p. 26]. According to the National Vital Statistics System, which records death rates from death certificates, the flu death rate in 2010 was 500. Of that total, maybe 10% to 15% resulted from influenza. The 36,000 total quoted includes all the pneumonias.
 There are many causes of pneumonia. It is very inaccurate to be quoting this same number that the CDC and TV networks state. Three years ago, the CDC was scolded for not having the vaccine committees of more than 200 people reveal their financial ties to vaccine manufacturers. More than 65% had some relationship with them. Does that create a bias to inflate these statistics? Look at the vaccine inserts. They state no evidence of efficacy proven and are not sure about safety with young children and pregnant women. What other drug do we prescribe that we encourage people to take on such a wide scale? Influenza vaccines should be offered for those who desire it, but please inform them of the correct data to make an informed decision. —PAUL BATTLE, PA-C, Denver (206-1)

You can even ‘take your chances’ if you think it helps and take the CURE for it

Some interesting ingredients in the flu vaccine is presented here as humor (time 12:17).

Some thoughts on tetanus vaccine are found here and here. (mentions that actual tetanus does not confer immunity, and vaccine has no scientific evidence of efficacy).  Side effects that patients or parents reported privately- there are many more…

Varicella (chickenpox)– do we need it instead of getting lifelong immunity from getting the mostly benign illness as a child? There may be a far worse side effect according to a recent toxicology report, or this report. The vaccine ‘protects’ for maybe 10 years, but will one need a booster? Are there side effects we will only find out years from now?

Gardasil– In 2008 Merck spent $93 million to market Gardasil as a prevention to cervical cancer, a conclusion their research never reached. They even skipped part of the safety trials. They even tried pushing it for boys-more money. Read facts here. Now there is an update on that vaccine here.  In January 2016 The American Academy of Pediatricians put this new concern out. Irish Senator calls the vaccine program a nation disgrace. Dr.-turned-researcher reports here. (starting @20:00).  A journal removed a study that didn’t look good. Vaccine ads vs. patients’ stories. The Japanese government stopped recommending it and there is a lawsuit in progress.

No conspiracy theory- just the facts: The doctors that bring this up are targeted by those concerned (Merck).

This site has too much information, but for more basic knowledge it is worth the time to browse through it.

This site is collecting data from unvaccinated children to see any trend.

Ingredients in vaccines, according to CDC. (there are 2 links on that page to view according to vaccine or ingredients) Oh, MSG is great in the body, as well as aluminum (Alzheimer’s?-see below for more), antifreeze, mercury, formaldehyde, polysorbate 80 and an assortment of other exciting stuff. They ‘voluntarily’ removed ‘significant’ mercury from most vaccines and paid millions to parents, but there is no plausible connection to autism and other conditions… This clip summarizes the ingredients and its effects.

Myth: the more vaccinated the population, the better chance they will survive infancy.

Fact: There is a paper on the connection between number of vaccine and infant mortality. US has the highest of both.

Japan had the lowest when they vaccinated after 2 years of age between 1975 and 1988. Their infant mortality rate plummeted. Their rate of vaccine injury also dropped by 90%.  In 1988 Japan began allowing vaccines before 2 year of age again. Their mortality and injury rate once again rose.







Nice paper on mercury in vaccines and autism.ThimerosalScandalFINAL. or here.

Transcripts from secret meeting in 2000, (link gives only some highlights and quotes from there, and still does not cover it all, as it is very long)-  vaccine research.The original can be searched, as it is too big a file for me to upload here.

Nice site for vaccine issues and links.

Back to mercury:

Thimerosal was eliminated in many countries 20 years ago. In 1977, a Russian study found that adults exposed to ethylmercury, the form of mercury in thimerosal, suffered brain damage years later. Studies on thimerosal poisoning also describe tubular necrosis and nervous system injury, including obtundation, coma and death. As a result of these findings, Russia banned thimerosal from children’s vaccines in 1980. Denmark, Austria, Japan (they raised minimum age for vaccine to 2 years of age in 1975), Great Britain and all the Scandinavian countries have also banned the preservative.
Hepatitis B vaccine contained as much as 12.5 micrograms of mercury per dose. That’s more than 100 times the EPA’s upper limit standard when administered to infants.

I now see something new:  New York State Public Health Law (PHL) § 2112 prohibits the administration of vaccines containing more than trace amounts of thimerosal, a mercury-containing preservative, to children less than 3 years of age and women who know they are pregnant.

What changed since we were told all along that there was no danger associated with mercury? It’s a matter of time when it will be obvious and it will slowly be taken out so nobody will sue while it is around. If you can come up with a better, more plausible, reason please let me know.

Aluminum is perhaps a bigger issue ignored since we focus on mercury so much. This site shows new studies, or at least newly published studies, discussing the dangers.  Dr David Ayoub M.D discussing aluminum being worse than mercury(19:45-28). He is interviewed by Dr. Mercola about flu shot and aluminum here.


To avoid legal issues with schools:

The NY State law remains:  (PHL Section 2165 and NYCRR 66-2. )

Religious Exemption

A student may be exempt from vaccination if, in the opinion of the institution, that student or student’s parent(s) or guardian of those less than 18 years old holds genuine and sincere religious beliefs which are contrary to the practice of immunization. The student requesting exemption may or may not be a member of an established religious organization. Requests for exemptions must be written and signed by the student if 18 years of age or older, or parent(s), or guardian if under the age of 18. The institution may require supporting documents. It is not required that a religious exemption statement be notarized. In the event of an outbreak, religious exempt individuals should be protected from exposure. This may include exclusion from classes or campus.

(ask school for a name if they don’t accept this so a lawyer can look into it)

This site has forms you can use.

NY State is tough on personal rights so this page deals with it.

**VAERS database: This is a ‘passive’ collection of reports that can be made by anyone, so this is not accepted as fact. However, the probability is that less than 10% (maybe 1%) of adverse effects are even reported as most are convinced vaccines can do no harm.

Some quick and simple facts and statistics:

Since the polio vaccine came out and it seemed to work, many opposed it. Two states banned it as they now saw polio cases not seen before vaccines. The science showed it reduced and even eliminated polio, but with some research it is clear why: changes in criteria including when symptoms occur and last and how many cases necessary for calling it an outbreak were made. The real numbers actually showed an INCREASE in deaths as soon as the program began. Contaminants were shown to cause issues like cancer soon after but to this day the government refuses to look into it. Dr. Maurice Hilleman from Merck was interviewed and said this fact.


Keep in mind the group responsible to monitor and study safety in vaccines are the company themselves, and we see this can be an issue. When smoking was noted to be a possible health concern, scientific research proved it was safe. Those bodies of science were funded by cigarette companies and intimidated anyone challenging them. This ‘safety’ clearance then allows the FDA to approve it and the doctors then ‘know’ it’s safe and effective. They don’t question or look into the studies as they are trained to accept the FDA as fact.
If you’ve never heard of the Simpsonwood meeting in 2000 or the studies disproving the autism link to vaccines then you may need to educate yourselves on the corruption of our medical community, Each of the 5 studies were shown to be falsified or irrelevant by scientists and doctors looking into the raw data. I looked into them and cannot believe how such falsehood can go on with innocent children and even doctors clueless to the harm being done. Harm includes many children dying from vaccines. More children died from the pertussis vaccinein 1998 then from the actual disease in what the CDC put in 2000.
Another eye-opener statistic: infant mortality rates are higher in countries with higher number of vaccines given. Making it more pointed is that when Japan cut the number of vaccines given to kids under 2 they went to the lowest infant mortality in developed countries, and when slowly introducing more years later moved down to #3, with the USA at 34rd out of 34.
The majority of deaths caused by vaccine-preventable diseases actually dropped in the 1940s even before mass vaccinations, but we are made to believe vaccines eradicated measles, polio and more. Look at the statistics by our government and it is provable.
The mumps vaccine data was altered, as 2 researchers admitted, to show its effectiveness.
In 2008 Merck spent $93 million to market Gardasil as a prevention to cervical cancer, a conclusion their research never reached.
Fetal deaths from the flu vaccine was showed to be almost nonexistent by not counting the years of 2010-11 (heavy push to have pregnant women vaccinated after the swine epidemic) when over 150 were reported. The study conveniently used data until those years – when pregnant women were not routinely being vaccinated.


Hepatitis B: 3rd world countries need it so we give it as well, even preemies, regardless of weight. In medicine that is never the case.
tetanus has no science that effective, in fact, most dying from it have full coverage.
diphtheria is very rare and we have antibiotics to treat it
pertussis vaccine was very dangerous and the new one can cause (“precipitate”) SIDS/ death (CDC about DTaP)
HiB vaccine increases the risk of illness. A study revealed that vaccinated children were five times more likely to contract meningitis than unvaccinated children. (Clinical Immunology and Immunopathology, 79(2), May 1996, p. 163-170)

prevnar: safety tests compared to older version, not to unvaccinated. they removed kids with side effects. There are no studies if it is carcinogenic.

measles: low mortality, if healthy and vit A. went down before vaccines. outbreaks all the time with most vaccinated.

mumps: vaccine not very effective anyway, very low risk of sterility

It is surely very difficult to accept in such a free country, but we are blinded by seeing facts when powerful companies as drug and vaccine companies are actually part of the FDA and CDC. 70% of the FDA’s advisory members admitted to owning stock in vaccine manufacturing companies. (Congressional hearing Apr 6, 2000).
54% of the “expert advisors” on the Advisory Board were receiving money from the drug companies.
To this day the FDA cannot say that the vaccines do not cause autism. (Congressional hearing on April 6, 2000).
Mercury is not the only issue, so if they are removed the issue includes many other toxins including aluminum. Aluminum is a neurotoxin and was never tested for safety
Until the vaccine manufacturers can prove they are safe, including when so many are given and added over the years, we cannot assume they are. The responsibility of proving safety in medicine is that way, but with vaccines somehow it does not. It is not the issue to prove it’s unsafe by anyone asking for more studies. Most cannot afford it. 
The number of parents (mostly educated) and doctors against vaccines is only growing. It is a matter of time for some truths to become clear, since there is no funding in the private groups of people to sponsor a study with vaccinated vs unvaccinated children- something the FDA should have done.


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